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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio ~ Friday 5th May (5/5 gateway)

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio ~ Friday 5th May (5/5 gateway)

Tagline: The becoming energy is nigh!!! Are you ready

Our Full Moon Luna Eclipse in Scorpio is with us on the 5th of May.

Our Lunar Eclipse on the 5th of May is at 14 degrees 58 minutes Scorpio 10.33 am pt and 6.33pm uk, 1.33pm eastern time, for your own time zones check out your own country.

Not only is it eclipse season, we have mercury retrograde and this moon falls on the 5/5 gateway. If you’re into the soul mates phenomenon, or twin flame thought fields, then this is a message for you. As there is a nod to intimacy here, what needs to be shared and released? This gateway will concern everyone on the level of money, materialism and the infinity symbolism.

In Eclipse season there is total energy waves. What does an eclipse means ~ it means change; it will bring in a new direction and some strong feelings. Remember we are still being affected by the solar eclipse too.

With the Taurus Scorpio axis in play this is the sun moon opposition, think mine and yours, material Taurus, scorp deals with the mysterious almost intangible. Scorpio ruled by Pluto and Mars is linked to that which is fiery, secretive ( as in your secret self the parts that you keep hidden). There could be a sense of resistance inherent in this balance between scorp and Taurus. You’re being asked to recreate, yet the fixed expression of these signs may make you feel as if you want to push against it.

Scorpio activates the emotions that you are not conscious of, links to karma, how we are sharing our private emotions with others – this is our inner way, our depth, our inner self the things that connect to our emotions.

Let’s look at what Scorpio’s ruling planets are doing.

Pluto 22 rx and Jupiter at 27 are square. There’s the energy of the master builder linked to truth highlighted here, what are you building, how can it be in its truth. Linked to Jupiter there is a need for this to be just, so fair. What are you being called to re-structure on the energy of Pluto. Remember this is from the hidden aspect. What are you holding inside that needs to be revealed. Because Jupiter expands there is the sense here that the inner world secrets are being expanded and this is probably on the world stage as well as within your own personal world.

Let’s look to Mars - Neptune is trine mars, I see this helping you to move from the material side of life into the arms of a more gentle spiritual way. You can tap into this by practicing spiritual based practices, such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, chi gong, breathwork. Get centred, find ways to ground your energy and connect into Gaia. The chart highlights strong feminine energy and asks you to ask yourself how you are connecting into the mother that is our earth of Gaia. By doing this you will be able to activate any decision, or change that needs to be made.

Mars is also still square Chiron at 17 degrees and again there is an energy highlighting money, material stuff, a sense of safety, how we are dealing with soul ties, relationship karma. It will also bring up your level of trust. Mars is at 21 degrees of cancer trine Neptune too which is at 26 degrees again the same aspects are being highlighted that mars square Chiron shines a light on.

You’re being asked what are you ready to let go of, what chapter is ready to close, what have you had enough of? As the eclipse is ruled by mars there’s a sense that Mars will assist you in the journey to closing the chapter. Remember Mars is the fiery planet, in Cancer it highlights people you care and love, therefore watch out for overreacting, flying off the handle or feeling annoyed in the way you want to protect those you care for.

The ending will bring you to a new space a journey if you will, note that this journey can only happen once you have cleared up the residue, the things that are stopping you and holding on within you. You’re being called here to reclaim your energy, step back into you. Are there parts of yourself that you are hiding that want to shine, now is the time. Cast your mind back to the last report, these two link. You’re being called to rise as the phoenix. Even if there is discomfort, it is there for a reason to help you to break through barriers that have been stalling you for some time. Release what is holding you back.

Sun in Taurus is sitting beside Uranus at 18 degrees and mercury rx is conjunct sun which means that its energy is being felt. With the NN in Taurus highlighting a new foundation being put in place on the level of Taurean comfort you’re being asked to be create. Taurus sun also brings in the energy of earthiness and there is no rush in this.

Uranus at 9 degrees is vibrating at the frequency of humanitarian energy and connection to the divine which asks you step into the honesty that divinity would encompass. Scorpio full moon wants you to go really deep with your emotions. Taurus sun can balance this, however it can not keep you at the top where it is safe. Scorpio wants you to dive deep and to be ready to reveal. This may be hard and you may struggle against it, yet it is necessary. Watch our for Uranus disrupting the flow of you going towards your NN life journey.

Neptune is squared Venus – the energy highlighter is the material v the creative spiritual divine aspect. This square is asking you to balance these two. It’s also illuminating conversations that need to be had, maybe you are disappointed with some people in your life. Because Venus is in Gemini I see this highlighting the way you use your words, will they be lovely or unbalanced.

Although there is this square Venus is sextile Jupiter with the double divinity aspected here there is the possibility that something magical that you would not expect, like a surprise is highlighted and as Venus is in Gemini two choices may be offered.

The something coming to an end is in the south node which highlights the past, where you are coming from, what you are leaving behind. To my mind this is beckoning in a permanent ending of something, situation, experience, thought form, something that does not serve you. Scorpio highlights an inner cleansing to facilitate your outer world. What needs to be cleared up, accepted, acknowledged so that you can move forward. There is freedom energy in this chart.

Scorp can bring up the decisions we have made, how others have affected us. I am going to come back to the power stage – this could cause a trigger within you as you begin to get to know what it means to be the real you.

Check your personal chart at 14 degrees and 58 mins scorp of your chart something is being illuminated in the 15 degree point of scorpio – you will look at the house placement. affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 10 to 20 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) most significantly.

Things to reclaim during this season ~ get your power and boundaries in place. The cardinal signs will be feeling intensity – if you have it in your sun, moon or ascendant this means you.


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