Get ready to unleash your superpower ...

Continuation article that goes with Re-programme your negative beliefs and Step 2 Love Series: Moving into focus and direction for a new way of loving…

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' ... you were born knowing that you are the creator of your own reality, and although the desire within you pulsed in a powerful way, when you began to integrate in your society, you began to accept much of the same picture that others held off the way your life should unfold...'

- Esther & Jerry Hicks: The teachings of Abraham

Love Series

Did you know that you have a superpower? We all have it, it's just that most of us rarely just happen upon it. Or set it into action. This article is a call to each one of us, including me to activate our superpower. Once we do, we can live a life that is ever expanding and completely abundant. Oooooh and in line with what we truly want.

There are masses of books out there that tell you that you can manifest the life that you want and that it is available to everyone. Now, those of us that struggle in life, find it hard to believe that it’s that easy. Look at my language here – struggle and find it hard.