Are you an emotional junkie?

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When I was younger, my life was so interesting, it was full of adventure, craziness and verve. This was because I had a spirit of adventure. I really wanted to live life, to feel things and to experience everything. My life was high octane, fun fueled and absolutely amazing. It was so much fun, there was something to do all the time.

It started out with some adrenaline fueled experiences. I was always searching for ways to make my life more and more exciting. I went traveling, I skydived, I jet skied the rapids, I stood on high rooftops. I felt as if I was capable of everything …

Adrenaline junkies, are the high octane, fast paced, excitement fueled adrenaline seeking individuals that do daring. It makes me think of the film Point Break and if you haven’t seen it grab your favourite beverage and a tonne of munchies and get ready for Swayze and Keanu Reeves.

An adrenaline junkie will surround themselves with situations that test their resilience, patience and just about everything else. Why because they are hooked on the feeling that they get when the adrenaline kicks in, palms go sweaty, mouth slightly dry, either cocky or subdued, it’s time to fly!!! Who needs unhealthy past times such as drinking, when you have high waves to surf on, mountains to dive off and planes to throw yourself out of?