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Is the energy of your stuff getting you down???

Self Care Series

Did you know that your home needs more than just decorating to feel good. Have you ever found that you start to feel ill when you walk into your kitchen and you never felt that way before?

This could be due to the energy of the items in your home. Of course we’ve all heard of sick building syndrome. Well our items also hold energy.

The energy of our items will hold all types of feelings dependant on how they came into our lives, so if it was a present and you did not like it, get rid of it immediately. Sorry those of you who want to take it out and put it up when the person that bought it comes over.

No, to this, if we keep the thing that we do not like, we will immerse ourselves in unwanted energy. Even if we bought the item and the shop assistant was rude, or we were in a bad mood when we bought it, this energy will hang onto the object.

Start in your front room, look at all the things that you have, if there is anything that you get an odd feeling from, pick it up, hold it and ask yourself what you feel about it. If the answer is, it’s not that nice, then get rid of it.

Only keep things in your home that you absolutely love. It can take time to go through the whole house. So give yourself the space to do this over a period of blocked sessions.

A friend of mine split up with her boyfriend, when she moved she got herself a flat. When I went to see her she kept saying that she couldn’t stop being angry with him. I looked around her place and said, ‘you’ve got a lot of stuff here from the house, how much of this was yours and his?’

It turned out that there was lots of stuff. I helped her one Saturday afternoon to clear the living room of anything that he bought her. Although I felt nothing, she looked at me and laughed. ‘You know what,’ she said, ‘I feel a bit better already.’

She went through the whole of her place in this way and eventually with a great amount of diligence she managed to get rid of everything that was part of her past life.

It is funny that I have not recalled this before, because in all truth this advice would serve me too, as there are so many things in my home from another time. It is definitely time for me to get rid of objects that do not please me. In fact, it is so empowering when we do this that the change can be almost immediate.

If you are not sure about the object, box it up instead of getting rid of it and put it out of sight. If you don’t miss it, then get rid of it. I boxed a load of stuff up a couple of months back, clearly as I have not taken these things out, I do not love or need them. Time to get rid of them …

In some ways you can look on clearing your house as health care and self care, because it really does help to create newness and vibrancy. In fact, if there was any hiatus your home a re-paint may help too.

Absorption – did you know that gloss paint absorbs, therefore it might be an idea to use water based paint so that the energy of arguments, upset and ill feeling does not remain too strongly in your house.

I had two candle holders that were given to me by friends. I was getting stuff together for a charity bag and as my eye scanned past them; I felt an overwhelming feeling that I wanted to get rid of them. So I popped them in the charity bag and no word of a lie, the table where they used to sit now seems so much more alive.

The same thing can be said for clothes, if they are from a different place and time, and every time that you look at them, or go to wear them, a feeling of a not so good period in your life washes over you, then it’s time to let them go.

Clothes, objects etc have their place in our life. However, if we hold onto things that have already served us, we will not create space for new opportunity to come into our lives.

Remember: It’s simple, only keep the things that you love.

If it creates clutter, gives the room a bad feel or just plain makes you nuts every time you look at it, then get rid of it.

Love to you & all the luck with getting rid of all the things you no longer love.

Happy clearing

Lots Love


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