Is the energy of your stuff getting you down???

Self Care Series

Did you know that your home needs more than just decorating to feel good. Have you ever found that you start to feel ill when you walk into your kitchen and you never felt that way before?

This could be due to the energy of the items in your home. Of course we’ve all heard of sick building syndrome. Well our items also hold energy.

The energy of our items will hold all types of feelings dependant on how they came into our lives, so if it was a present and you did not like it, get rid of it immediately. Sorry those of you who want to take it out and put it up when the person that bought it comes over.

No, to this, if we keep the thing that we do not like, we will immerse ourselves in unwanted energy. Even if we bought the item and the shop assistant was rude, or we were in a bad mood when we bought it, this energy will hang onto the object.

Start in your front room, look at all the things that you have, if there is anything that you get an odd feeling from, pick it up, hold it and ask yourself what you feel about it. If the answer is, it’s not that nice, then get rid of it.

Only keep things in your home that you absolutely love. It can take time to go through the whole house. So give yourself the space to do this over a period of blocked sessions.