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Angel/Intuitive Readings


Readings with me are great

You never know what you might discover!!


I connect to Angels

During readings I use my connection to angels  to get you the answers you need. I offer Angel Soul Readings.

Guardian Angel Guidance.

Sometimes I use oracle cards, divination tools, numerology, mediumship, psychic connection or astrology.

My goal is to assist you to get answers to questions that are troubling you...

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Cost & Duration of Readings:

30-minute readings £60

45-minute readings £90

60-minute readings £120

Readings Via

Zoom Live

or Video (recorded and a link to access it will be sent to you)

Please note I aim to get these recordings to clients within 5 days of the booked session.

If you're not in the uk and happy to bridge the time differential feel free to book an in person session.   An in person zoom session is golden as the energy transference really empowers the session.  Although either method is great.

Alternatively your reading will be recorded and a link will be sent to you to access it. 

If you want an in person non zoom reading with me in either London, or Chelmsford, Essex - email me at

**(subject to guidelines in uk at the time)

*All readings are for entertainment purposes only

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Fancy a Reading Party?

Have you got a special occasion coming up. would you like an oracle reading party with a professional reader. I f your answer is yes, contact me. 

I am happy to offer my services in person (uk by agreement) or via zoom for parties of 6 or more.  Readings will be either 10-15 minutes.  Unless prior arrangement is made. Bookings from £120 for a party

For group parties where readings length of 30 minutes per person or upwards are requested for a minimum of two people usual reading fees will apply.

Tarot Card Deck

What can a reading bring you...



What is stopping you/holding you back

Messages from your guides re: what is going on

You want to commune with angels

You want to connect to your spirit guide

Sometimes your purpose, next step and focus come up too

What I don't do

I don't tell the future - these are not predictions
I won't tell you things you know about yourself already - I believe that would be a waste of your time and money.
I  can't guarantee spirit communication  as  I don't work that way - yet surprises  do sometimes  happen...

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