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You can live
A Fantastic Life

I specialise in fusion mentoring/coaching.

Do you feel blocked & stuck in a rut? Is life testing you? Are you struggling with your life?

You feel as if you're on a hamster wheel and You need help...

Coaching/Mentoring could be just what you need

You’re tired of life,  you feel as if you are spinning your wheels,  stuck in patterns that are holding you back, your life is missing  certain areas such as connection to a better life, communication with your inner voice to find your purpose, direction, focus, you are swimming in a never ending sea far from land.


All you want to know is how to live a happier and more harmonious life, create a new plan, start a new journey, begin to have a life in which you feel safe, nurtured loved, less tired, more able to use your new found skills & confidence.

If this is you

 I would love to help 


Feeling Ready - Read on for further information


Make a booking

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I offer four ways to work with me:

30 minute or 1 hour sessions available


2 hour Breakthrough Sessions - a fast tune up to help you to get on with it.

Gold (6 month package)

Silver (3 month package)

In person

No matter where you are in the world I am happy to work with you, we can zoom the time differential :) xx

If you want an in person session in London (may incur an additional fee), or Chelmsford Essex (uk)

Send me an e-mail in the first instance

My approach -

I amalgamate all styles of coaching/mentoring together. We’re not one size fits all, therefore my approach  favours integration & uses all the tools at my disposal to give you a fantastic experience.   The multi-modality approach aims to help you to make changes quicker.

Working with me can help you to*

Feel empowered, motivated to overcome fears and step into your future

Remove obstacles, mindsets that you are putting in your own way

Dissolve anything that no longer serves you.

Be strong enough to take the next steps to reach desired outcomes

Feel empowered and motivated to overcome fears and face the future

Have an action plan to drive forward your next step

Connect in to angels

Connect to your higher wisdom self, psychic senses.

Be armed with tools to help you to remove behaviours that are not self loving

Create a self love journey so that you can have a deeper more fulfilling life

Heal inner pain stories

Develop a new found love and respect for yourself

Got to know your inner child & work out how to work with him or her to create a fabulous life.

*Please note not all examples are included in all sessions.  Everyone is individual and therefore your sessions are too, I work on an individualised plan to help you more forward.

You will need to be:

Committed to the process

Ready to engage

& willing to take the steps

Are you feeling ready?

Congratulations ...

Book your session with me...

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Water Shrine Landscape

Spiritual & Self Love Coaching/ Mentoring

Spiritual Coaching Mentoring helps you to tune into your true self and your spiritual journey.  It can also help you to drop your limitations so that you can reach your higher purpose. Also working with me in any way will help you to deeply connect to angels and the higher energies.  Many people think that something is religious when the word spiritual is attached to it, however I work on the principle that;


Essentially we are all spiritual human beings....

It can help with ...


Spiritual coaching can help with all life areas, here are a few.


Experiencing exhaustion and feeling as though you can’t carry on.

Struggling to connect to angels or your higher wisdom

Struggling with your spiritual development

Facing spiritual dis-connection loss in your faith of life

Believing that you are unable to achieve your dreams

Creating a positive money mindset

Struggling with your chakras

Experiencing a stress filled over busy life

Keep wondering why you are here

Feel trapped in your current life

Finding that the same problem keeps repeating over and over again in your life

wanting a more harmonious life (family life, relationship, friendships etc)

Facing confusion about what you should be doing with your life

Struggling with reaching your full capabilities

Struggling with self-doubt/fear

Wanting to create a meaningful relationship


The fact is that this type of coaching can help with pretty much any area of your life because spirituality encompasses the whole of who you are. 

Life Coaching /Motivational Coaching

What Life Coaching  is and how can it help you?

Life coaching is a method that a coach uses to help a client to achieve their goals and dreams.   It can be used in virtually any area of life whether it’s in your personal or professional life.  Because life coaching is goal directed it can help you regardless of where your obstacles are. 

In the coaching process we will look at your specific goals and ideas – which could be to do with business, your life, relationships etc.  We will examine together what is in the way of the change you want to make.  Then I will assist you to create a course of action to help you to make your life mirror your idea.  Even if you are not sure what your idea is life coaching and the method I use can help you to find it.

‘For me it’s about asking you the right questions to create results, so that I can empower you to go and live a fantastic life.’ Hem


What Life Coaching can help you with:







Not knowing what you want to do - but know there is something

As stated earlier the list is infinite, feel free to contact me if you want a hand to decide.

You will need to be:


Ready to engage in the process

Willing to take the steps

Winter Scenery

How I deliver this to you...


30 minute, 1 hour or two hour sessions which can be booked right here


For the Silver or Gold package you can either email, or fb message me  we start with an initial 30 minute consultation (if you're booking a package this is included in the package price) to work out whether we're a good fit, we have an intense speed coaching session to make plans for your next step.  It's exciting and I will be with you the whole time...

All sessions for Coaching Mentoring take place via zoom unless arranged as an in person - this can be organised by e-mailing me at

One to One

Breakthrough Session

Silver Package

Gold Package

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I offer 30 minute and one hour coaching sessions.

A one hour one to one session with me to help you to look at any problem from a new perspective

The 30 minutes sessions are to help you to catalyse your idea or trouble spot and sometimes they're all you need.  They are also a great chance to see if we're a good fit ...

I also use initial 30 minute sessions to work out your coaching journey and what will benefit you most.

30 minute session -£60

60 minute session  - £150

Sessions take place via Zoom, unless we've organised another way.

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A two hour breakthrough session is  a great way to take a deep dive.

Who are they for?

You know what you want,  you have an idea, you just need someone to help you to make the shift, it works for all the types of coaching.  Sometimes we know the problem , yet we keep running round in circles...

If this is you...

Then grab some support

2 hour breakthrough


Sessions take place via Zoom, unless we've organised another way.

Untitled design.jpg

 3 month packages can be used for any type of coaching/mentoring - we work togther to decide what you need

What you will get

Package Total 6.5 hours one-to-one coaching, check in e-mails, tasks and meditation.  This is a lovely time for you.  It steps into commitment change and support to help you to move forward.


Sessions take place via Zoom, unless we've organised another way.  

*please note all sessions need to be taken within a 3 or 4 month period. 


All this for £550

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Your ½ Year Growth Journey...

 6 month packages can be used for any type of coaching/mentoring - we work togther to decide what you need

The six month session coaching Package is a Growth Journey – this is to help you to make phenomenal leaps with my support, I will be there for you in whatever way you need as you help yourself to change mindset, beliefs, bring in new skills and remove behaviours that hold you back

What you will get

Package Total 13 hours one-to-one coaching, check in e-mails, tasks, meditations, visualisations to create success in your chosen area and growth empowerment exercises.

Sessions take place via Zoom, unless we've organised another way.

*please note all sessions need to be taken within a 6 or 7 month period. 


All this for £1000

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