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About Me




Hi I'm Hem, the founder of Self Love Self Care System

I am an angel connector that can help you to tap into your spiritual gifts, I teach and love yoga and I am also a healer too.


I am on a mission to help people to heal themselves by understanding and incorporating love and care into their lives by using a whole host of tools that I have accumulated over my life. 


Over the years I have created a great deal of change in my own life and this has inspired me to share what I have learnt.  A huge turning point in my life drew me towards coaching and using self love healing and angel connecetions/readings as a modality to create a fantastic life.  My own metamorphosis was created by a deep understanding of pain that hit me when my life fell apart and my relationship pushed me to face up to every decision that I had ever made.

In 2019 & 2020 when the world was tumbling around all our ears, I decided to train to be yoga teacher, I love yoga.  I believe that it helps us to heal, integrate and bring more love into our lives.  This then helps us to understand who we are. 

I have been meditating since 11 years old and trained to teach this during my Reiki training and then again in my yoga training.  I love the spiritual side of life, I am also fascinated by science. 

When I am not on a journey to heal and love...I adore reading, yoga, going on holidays, studying and having fun with lovely people. 

I also Love to make pancakes with chocolate spread.
My message for you, for me , for everyone
I Believe that you are capable of having a great life     
It is available to you...       
You are the director of your movie    
Whatever you truly want, you can have  ...
The only caveat is how far are you willing to go...


I have a wealth of experience from avid reading, I’m an educator of life. I have attended courses and learnt about – Healing, Deep spiritual work & Shamanic Journeying, Meditation (all styles and I teach in an easy way, to promote understanding), Buddhism, Mindfulness, Reiki,  Basic Counselling course, Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy.  I trained with CPS London in Intuition/Psychic development.  Also attended the Arthur Findlay College to up-level my channelling ability and trained with Tony Stockwell.


Yoga Teacher Certification ( I trained with a yoga alliance accredited school )

Life Coaching Diploma

Reiki Master Certification

I have a Postgraduate Certificate of Education

BA Honours History of Art Degree

So Looking forward to Meeting you

H    xxxxX

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