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Are you ready to create a fabulous life?


I have some great offerings just for you...

Healing, Oracle/Tarot readings, and Coaching/Mentoring - Yoga coming soon (if you want an in person 1-to-1 or a zoom session e-mail me.)

Feeling lost, low, unheard, anxious, dependant, trapped …

With everything that is going on right now, this is no surprise. 

We are living in troubled times, our old way of life disappearing beyond the horizon….


The major question is.  ‘What Now?’ and ‘How do I make it through all this?…


Firstly you can re-wire the feelings that are rocking your boat…

& secondly with strength and courage you will make

it through this.

Want to learn more...

Are you feeling tired, stressed out, run down?

If the answer to any of this is yes...

How about feeling less fatigue, shaking off the tiredness and tapping into positive energy.

Then a healing relaxation session may be just the thing you need


My sessions tap into the whole of you, re-aligning your chakras

Cleansing your aura and helping you to step back into feeling more yourself.

I use Reiki or Angelic Healing Connection in my sessions

What's Available

Live online distance sessions via zoom.

Distance sessions (not in person) 

  I recommend an evening session so that the relaxation can be with you through dream time (although any time is fine).

If you are outside the uk I am happy to do a distance session

(or live depending on time differential) for you.  Send me a message if you're abroad and I will explain how it works.



Sessions from £36

For more individualised service details check the booking page

I also offer Reiki 1 & 2  training courses - please e-mail me if you're interested.  These will be live and on Zoom.  To  facilitate a training I will need a group of at least four people. 


If you live in London, or Chelmsford Essex (uk) and would like a course for a group of at least three friends plus you (we can do this in person) send me an e-mail request.

Reiki Treatment


Yoga on the Beach

Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork Sessions...

My teachings are from the birthplace of yoga, I teach a  yoga style that is rooted in the Vedantic and Tantric traditions of the ancient masters of the Himalayas.  My classes are integrative in that, a yoga session will incorporate yoga, meditation and breathwork.  A breathwork session will include meditation, alongside the breathwork.

A yoga session may include

Principles poses of Hatha and variations

Breathwork Techniques

Vinyasa Flow

Himalayan Kundalini

Naad Practices (understanding and use of sound as a tool for transformation and healing, including the use of mantras and music)



Mudra work

Free Movement

A Breathwork Session

I teach Himalayan style breathwork classes.  The classes are powerful sessions to help individuals to learn to manage and regulate their breath. Sessions are said to improve lung capacity. 

Special Programmes

Transformational Wisdom Dharma talks

Meditation and Healing Zoom sessions


Learn More

Angel & Oracle Readings...

You never know what you might discover!!


I connect to Angels

During readings I use my connection to angels to help you to get answers you need.  I may sometimes use oracle cards and other divination tools too.

My goal is to assist you to get answers to Questions that are troubling you...

Cost & Duration of Readings*:

30-minute readings are £60

60-minute readings are £120

Readings Via either

Zoom (live) or

Video ( recorded and link to access will be sent to you )

please note I aim to get these to clients within 5 days of the booked session.

If you're not in the uk & feel happy to bridge the time differential feel free to book an in person session.  An in person zoom session is golden as the energy transference really empowers the session.  Although either method is great.

Alternatively your reading will be recorded and a link will be sent to you to access it. 



Learn More

* All readings are for entertainment purposes

Vintage Postcards
Work Colleagues


What I offer:

Life Coaching/Motivational Coaching

Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring

Self Love Coaching/Mentoring

Self Love Coaching/Mentoring ( small group 6 week programmes are available - there will be sessions scheduled throughout the year.

(If you're interested e-mail & your name will be added to the list)

The Four Ways You can Get Coaching/Mentoring with Me...

one-to-one session (either 30 mins or 60 minutes)

Packages - either Silver 3 month or Gold 6 month

2 hour breakthrough session


Group Programmes

Please note group coaching/mentoring will be offered during the year

I will post details as programmes become available

Here's the lowdown on what it's like to work with me from those that know...


It had been a great experience sharing and evaluating my thinking process with you . You have been a perfect guide to direct me to my own life purpose and put required milestones to reach my destination. I have always been looking back at the advice given by you for my life's situations & will continue to do so as they have been invaluable . Thank you for showing the patience & perseverance with me. I greatly appreciated all the effort you put into me.'



Can you let me know how you felt about the session, what did you gain, do you feel it helped you?


It definitely helped me. It provided the first steps I needed to take to start my journey which will now take months to complete but were a vital part in helping me reach my desired outcome. 


You were so approachable and warm through all of your communication and the session itself and I immediately felt at ease and comfortable throughout the process. 


I really valued your time to listen to how I felt and provide the support I needed to take the long road ahead. 

Keep doing what you’re doing! Thank you so much for helping.

Big hugs and stay fabulous xx

I felt really good and positive after each session. I felt recognised, understood and all the feedback in and after each session was great and really helpful.

The first session was very helpful in getting me to a point where I felt strong enough to take the next step along my journey to becoming a nutritional therapist. I felt empowered and motivated to overcome my fears and face the future despite my anxieties and obstacles I kept putting up for myself. I was helped to see how money was an obstacle and felt supported to make enquiries as to why that is and to approach spending money in a positive way and take steps to dissolving this limiting belief.





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