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Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork
Are keys to a lovely life

Feel as if your life is lacking something?


might be ready to

Come join me on a Yoga, Meditation 0r Breathwork class

My teachings are from the birthplace of yoga, this is yoga that is rooted in the Vedantic and Tantric traditions of the ancient masters of the Himalayas.  All yoga, meditation or breathwork sessions are integrated practices. 


Our practice will include all aspects in a gentle and fully integrative progressive way so that you can develop being at one with your body...

Day sets are rejuvenating and strength building

Evening sets bring relaxation and ease to your body and mind.

Breathwork sessions are gentle, powerful sessions that  cumulatively help you heal & breath more fully.

If this sounds like something you're interested in

You will be e-mailed up coming class dates, promotions, event details. We will not share your e-mail details.

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Coming Up...


Yoga integrated group sessions - featuring Himalayan Kundalini, Hatha 45 minute zoom class £6.55

Meditation Group Sessions  - Free Global Heart Chakra Session - sign up on the booking page

Breathwork Group Sessions 45 minutes & 1 hour classes (coming soon)

Wisdom Talks - in person and via zoom - these will be donation based.

(check class schedules for full class details)

My approach -

I  share the spiritual experience.  My aim to help you to awaken to your true nature.  My classes are deeply healing and transformative experiences.  The Himalayan yogic system is a powerful, gentle, enlightening experience... 


One to one group classes coming soon in the Chelmsford Essex (uk) area

If you are interested in personal one to one classes with me e-mail or phone 07708 639406 (I am happy to do these via zoom or on person).

Are you feeling ready?

Congratulations ...

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Book a Session  ...

Yoga Integrative Class

Group Class 45 minutes £6.55 weekly

Group 45 minute 6 session pass £32.75

*you can take any zoom live class that you've booked within a 60 day timeframe.   For a block booking you will be sent a code to make further bookings after first session


If you have any queries re:  Chelmsford, Essex uk classes please either e-mail

or call 

07708 639406

Between 11am and 4pm

Yoga Class