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Full Moon in Gemini ~ Are you ready to heal?

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Full Moon in Gemini 27th November 2023

Our Tagline for this full Moon: Get your Ducks in order, you’re about to be called on an adventure

We have our full moon at 4 degrees and 51 minutes which means it’s nearly 5 degrees. It’s at 1.16am pacific time, 4.16 Eastern time and 9.16am uk time.

Gemini full moon is opposing Sagittarius sun. We are in the polarity of the mind, Gemini wants to think logically and use its logic, while Sagittarius wants to expand and go higher and higher.

Are you ready to balance your need to stay close to the fray with your need to branch out and expand your horizons. Gemini wants you to tune into your attitude and the way that you communicate and Sagittarius sun calls loudly to you to embrace a sense of adventure.

Gemini Moon, Sagittarius Sun and Mars in Sagittarius are all square Saturn, think limitations and restrictions linked to communication, which is linked to your experiences and the opportunities that are showing up. This asks you what you have not resolved , what protection mechanisms do you have in place that are hindering you? This full moon will illuminate them.

There’s burdens here, you want to achieve something, however you are feeling a sense of restlessness, even laziness with regard to this. Self reflection can help.

Chiron opposing Venus ~ This aspect asks you to dive deep, to ask yourself how you are relating, how love is showing up for you. Are there any wounded aspects within you that are holding you back and are stopping you from experiencing the unlimited potential of your connections? You’re called to learn and grow from your past experiences by transforming your wounds.

Mercury the ruler of Gemini is also learning lessons during this moon , it’s square Neptune ~ there is something missing and before you do anything ensure you know what it is. Be careful of repetition here. Mutable wants movement, letting go needs to happen first.

Pluto sextile Neptune gives you the desire to visualise what you want your life to be. It helps you to take the challenges of this moon and imagine something different. In essence it will help you on the spiritual and mystical level to see a depth to the undercurrent and the illumination provided by the moon. You will then be able to create the vision in the world, in your world and outward into the collective if necessary. This will give you the capacity to heal that which has been impacting you through your life. Think love, forgiveness and acceptance that assist you to create a new life story.

There are quite a few planets retrograde during this full moon, which means that you might experience this as a stable energy, or a fixed tight energy that is holding you back. Personally I would say allow this time to inform you, let the energy of this full moon in Gemini communicate secrets to you and help you to see the next step in clarity. An adventure is highlighted by Sagittarius sun, let the Gemini thought process make sense of it in a practical and logical way.

Moon Phases

Our Cards - Angel Therapy Oracle Cards Doreen Virtue ~ Twin Flame and Clear Yourself

Twin Flame: The answer involves a spiritually based romantic relationship

Clear Yourself: Ask the angels to release any toxic energies that you may have absorbed

Take the time to understand what comes up in your mind and heart. Let the illumination bring you aha’s and revelations, also know that this is not the time to make a decision, or work in any changes. This is the time to cogitate, to understand, to mull, think on and learn from your inner thoughts and feelings.

This will affect people born with personal planets and points at approximately 1-10 degrees of mutable signs, it may also affect you if you have sun, moon or ascendant in Sagittarius or Gemini.

Full Moon Release

Take something in your life that you know needs to go and release it from your body, you can do this by dancing, writing it on paper and releasing it to the ground.

Love Hem xxxxXx


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