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Self Care Series

It doesn’t really matter what season we are in, what matters is that we are taking the time to incorporate self care practices into our lives that help us to move forward each day, practices that keep us strong and ultimately protect us. The better our self care routines the less likely we are to get sick, overwhelmed, or stressed.

Self care can be about deep awareness, getting in contact with your inner self to heal and protect the parts of us that may be feeling just a little bit tender, the parts that need tender loving care.

For those of us living in the uk, or any country where the seasons throw us about with cold, dark and wet weather, there is a real possibility of suffering from September onwards. Some people are even diagnosed with a condition called seasonal affective disorder.

To me this time of year signifies really taking care of internal base needs. The body can get tired, it needs that little bit more attention. As the season starts to really pile into winter, keeping warm, taking a supplement, all of these things help us to commit to caring for our bodies and minds.

Even if you are going into a spring season or summer, or you just plain don’t have seasons, self care is still a very integral part of life and important to ensure that the body feels strong and able to cope with the challenges that it goes through.

As we move from season to season the body needs different care practices,