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Japanese self-relaxation technique - 5 minutes to create calm

Self Care Series

The Power is in your hands

An ancient Japanese relaxation technique which is as old as the hills is known for helping to create a state of relaxation within the body.

Stress hits us in various ways, and I know that I have written about stress before however, this tip will really help and it's quick .

In our over busy lives it is crucial that we take a few minutes out of our day to rebalance our system. It's worth it and it gives us an opportunity for self care. Now, what's not to like?

According to this system each of the fingers in our hands represents a different emotion/feeling.

The Theory

The Thumb: Represents worry and anxiety.

The Index Finger: Relates to fears - technique will help you to overcome them.

The Middle Finger: Relates to anger and helps to alleviate any feelings your harbouring.

The Ring Finger: Represents sadness.

The Little Finger: Will help you to tension, create optimism and raise your self esteem.

The aim of the technique is to help to create balance.

What to do

Find a moment where you have space to sit down and rest with your thoughts. Yes, you can do this at work, take yourself off for a little break or close the door.

All you need is 5 - 6 minutes and you can even close your eyes to take yourself deeper...

Take one finger at a time of your dominant hand, wrap every finger of your opposite hand around this finger and hold for one to two minutes. You will know that it is working because you will feel a pulse. I have tried the technique and the pulse is noticeable.

Repeat this on all your fingers and your thumb.

In order to aid deep relaxation when you have finished you can gently press the centre of your palm with your thumb for 30 to 60 seconds.

It is said that if we apply this technique each and everyday that feelings of anxiety, low self worth, fear etc will start to lessen and we will feel more at peace with our world.

Happy exploration and here's to more relaxation and peace in our lives.

Love to you all ...

Love Me


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