Self Love: How to deal with wounding

Self Love Self Care System

Love Series

I love all things self love and to my mind there is so much more to realising self love than just being nice to ourselves.

Over the years and as I have dived deeper into self love practices it has become clear to me that many people confuse love and care…

Here are some of my quick hacks on super easy ways to get the ball rolling & why self care is fundamentally important if we are to move into loving practices…

Self Care 101

To truly step into love and healing – we need to step into self care. The truth is that one does not survive without the other. Or to put it bluntly if you are not caring for yourself, then loving yourself will be a tricky nut to crack.

Self care is not tricky to bring into our lives, it just takes a little thought and maybe some routine. When we re-wire our lives and put in healthy practices, we are more able to step into new ways of being.