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Use this 1 Key: Be stronger when life gets the better of you… (blog quickie)

be strong use this 1 key

Life is a series of events, trials and tribulations. Sometimes we deal well with what is thrown at us and at other times we don’t deal so well, or we mess up badly!!!

Did your marriage fall apart? Did you upset your sibling? Did you forget to do something that affected another person?

Sometimes in these situations we fail to see what is done is done, it's over, finished!!!!

Being human means that even when we don’t realise that we are ruminating about a situation we are ruminating about the situation. This happens because we may not have relinquished guilt, or blame or just plain made peace with whatever happened.

In short we may have emotive feelings about the type of person that we are because of the wrongdoing.

The Key

The key is simple, it’s plain and easy and it will help you to ride the storm out of any situations that you find yourself in.

The key is: Acceptance

Accept Everything

Accept that you are who you are, accept others for who they are, accept your life for what it is. That what has happened is over, it’s done, you can’t change it. It means accepting yourself completely, whatever you are, whoever you are. You’re just going to accept that you are the sum of everything that has happened in your life and that you are okay about it.

We all display characteristics that are good and bad and there is no reason to judge ourselves or others. We’re human and due to this we have a complex set of emotions and behaviours that enact at various times in our life.

Yeah so you made some rubbish choices, or you wish that you had told so and so to stuff it, but really in the big scheme of things none of these actions matter. It’s about starting at where we are, it’s about forgiving ourselves and letting whatever transgression we feel we’ve made go.

Once we are able to do this we can get back up, we can have another go and we can do better this time, or not. It does not matter, just accept that whatever you are experiencing belongs to you and that you accept it.

Take the learning that the scenario gives you and do with it what you will, through the eyes or acceptance. It is yours, own it, believe in it and use it in the best way that you can to propel you to better choices and decisions.

There may be times when you struggle and other times when you will ace it. But hey, lets make life joyful rather than a test.

Accept yourself…

Acceptance works on the notion that we understand that everything and anything in our life at any given time is correct. So if you wish that your cousin would pop in more, but s/he does not, it’s about accepting that this is how it is meant to be. Through accepting yourself for who you are, you can then accept your life for being the way that it is. You can accept others for being the way that they are.

*caveat – acceptance is not another word to enact being someone that others walk all over, please remember that to accept is to be strong and to create firm boundaries.

Accept your life for what it is and love it.

There’s no gimmick here, no thing that you need to do, or course that you need to take, or tool that you need to learn. It’s simple and it works, when we accept that our world, our life is the way that it is for a reason, contentment occurs.

Love to you all



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