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1 simple word can change everything ... (blog quickie)


Love Series

Do you tend to be the type of person that thinks and thinks on things. Wondering why life is not going in the direction that you want it to?

Be honest.... It's no problem, we all do it at one time or another, over one subject or another. Whether it's health, relationship, career.... Sometimes the ideal seems to be out of reach, right?

If this is you, maybe you are not saying this one simple word. Honestly it really is simple and it will change your life.

Sometimes in the midst of thinking we miss the train, or fail to see the offer that has been put right in front of us.

This simple powerful word is yes . Yes means so much more than we realise and just being able to say it in life, can create such difference to our experience.

There is so much bravery in saying yes, I will do that, I will go there.

Even if it does feel uncomfortable, even if you do feel crazy bonkers for putting yourself out there. Saying yes can have many phenomenal, endorphin kicking and amazing benefits.

It does not matter how big or small the decision, if you feel it will change your life, say yes…

Of course I am not talking of what flavour ice cream or anything, I am talking about yes moments that create change, decisions that may even alter the course of your life.


There will be times

when you do not want to say yes,

so remember saying yes when you mean no,

is just as bad as saying no,

when you mean yes!!!

My other half was telling me about a music sample that he put together years ago, he said that he was so excited and happy about it and he was going to send it in to a radio station. Back in the days of no internet, this was how it was done.

However, he never sent it in, he didn’t say ‘yes.’

For some of us, it may be baby steps, and yes opportunities may get missed, but there will be many more opportunities and the trick is to be open. Once you are willing you can walk through the door, take a deep breath, open your mind to receive and cultivate your 'yes' to life.

Remember it's best to strike while the iron is hot.

If we don’t say yes to life, it goes on happening without us.

Yes, is also a call to inner love, it helps us to conquer internal feelings that hold us back and stop us from having the future that we want.

My motto this week: No matter how nervous, fearful or scared I am, I'm going to say Yes!

Even if I have to create my brave moments, I am going to say yes to life, finally I get it… :)

All my love to you all

Hem xxxxXx

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