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New Moon in Scorpio| Dark, Moody & Intense

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We have our new moon in Scorpio on the 13th of November 2023

Tagline: Step into the watery depths of discovering your deepest secrets and open the door to your deepest passion.

We have our new moon in Scorpio on the 13th of November 2023, it is at 20 degrees and 44 minutes of Scorpio and in conjunction with Mars and opposing Uranus. This in itself calls us to begin again, with Scorpio there may be instability in because Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and was traditionally ruled by Mars and this pulls in a rather unruly vibe. Scorpio is an intense new moon that is deeply reflective and internal.

Our new moon is at 1.27am Pacific, 4.27am Eastern & 9.27am UK time and it still has an eclipse frequency. So think change and upheaval to some degree and moving in a whole new direction.

Scorpio calls us to focus in on all things money, power, intimacy, control, secrets, and authenticity. With a new moon new starts can come up in all or some of these areas. Think a new beginning punctuated by a sense of depth and perception that is usually reserved for your secret private side. Think transformation of the things that are hidden and your deep unconscious patterns. New intentions are asked of us that get us to dive into the truth of the way we want to live.

The Scorpio lessons ask us to challenge what we think is correct and what isn’t.

Is there any part of you that is still anchored in negative traits or past times, such as addiction, debt, and feeling out of control ~ this new moon highlights a time to learn how to deal with these areas by understanding how we got in to them in the first place. It’s quite literal in the sense of what habits, behaviours do we no longer need. Saying that this is a fabulous time to focus and work on one thing exclusively.

New moon in Scorpio asks you to be strong enough to speak your mind in a loving way, to release any fear and find the comfort in these areas so that we can enact deep healing.

The energy of the conjunction between the Moon and Mars at 22 degrees brings in supercharged almost electric energy and verve, which will give you enthusiasm for new projects. Do watch out though Mars in Scorpio can also possibly unleash a level of fire and frustration into the mix, your emotions may be all over the place, which may link into where you have not upheld your boundaries.

With Moon, Mars and the sun opposing Uranus at 21 degrees Rx in Taurus. Change is highlighted, Uranus asks us to break up the old within our energetic frequency, and it’s also the planet that helps us to be visionary creatives. This could possibly bring up emotions that make you feel as if you’re stuck out to sea with no way to get back to land. This opposition asks you to examine the feelings and let the old and outmoded dissolve, ask yourself what they mean. The big questions being what are you being called to learn and to know about yourself? Think emotional and think something that you have maybe held on to for too long.

Do watch out for impulsivity which can be brought in by this Uranus opposition. There is a sense of being irrational or impatient with regard to things not moving as fast as you like. Let a gentle acceptance takes its place and work methodically using baby steps that build up.

With Scorpio assisting you to remember that you are the sole creator of the reality you are living and with Uranus’s support once you have got through the emotion, you’ll be able to create your dreams in an intentional way by tapping into creativity.

Uranus is also sextile Neptune at 25 degrees in Pisces which brings in the sexy element. Freedom loving, freedom seeking energy is highlighted. It can also bring in a level of sensitivity held by the murky element of watery scorpio, so do watch out for this too.

Neptune in Pisces is also trine, sun, moon, mars ~ it’s time to think of your dreams and get a bigger brighter perspective, throw the intention out there and see what comes back. You’re also being attracted to fight for others, to assist in a creative and loving way. In some ways the energy featured here could bring out your own attractive qualities, which in turn help you to accept the things that you can’t change and change the things you can. This trine will support you and clear some of the restriction of the Mars opposition – think Mars ego and Neptune open mindedness.

This new moon might bring up things that you thought you had dealt with, moon in Scorpio has a circular nature to it, leaning into the whole what goes around comes around. Highlighting an upgraded energy that allows you to glimpse into the circular nature of time and this helps you to release anything that is draining you.

Watch out for Mercury at 4 degrees squaring Saturn you’re being asked with this restriction to use the energy of Saturn to create a new foundation from zero point. This a tough call and will challenge you. Luckily Mercury sextiling Venus in Libra will assist you to own your stuff and heal.

Original Rider Waite Tarot for the new Moon ~ We're being called to release and deal with the hidden shadows within. Also to note that it might take 3 moon seasons.

Neptune 25 degrees in Pisces is Sextile Pluto 28 degrees in Capricorn, think the magical mystical and watery linked to the energy of the murky depths of the sea. This is such a positive aspect and gives you the energy and potential to eeeek out a way to lean into your pioneering spirit and challenge what has been accepted, within yourself as right and normal and the world at large. Think truth and the fight for it. By dealing with what is within and needs to be healed, you will open the door to the evolutionary shift in consciousness and be able to be a part of the next stage.

New Moon Intentions/Actions

Get in touch with your protections ~ where are you being unwilling to bend, how are you avoiding life? How can you be more open and vulnerable?

What deep questions are going through your mind ~ answer yourself ~ you can journal them, speak into a voice recorder or talk to a trusted friend.

Check your emotions ~ what is triggering you? Ask yourself how you can heal this emotion and what it means for you.

Set an intention at this New Moon to bring in something that you want.

With Love Hem xxxxxXx


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