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Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus ~ Buckle Up!

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Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus 28th October 2023

Our Tagline for this full Moon: Think endings on a grand scale and watch your finances

The moon in is full on the 28th of October at 5 degrees and 9 minutes of Taurus, it’s at 1.24 pm Pacific, 4.24pm Eastern time and 21.24pm uk time. This moon highlights a time for change and a new beginning. This is the last of a set of 4 eclipses that were on the Taurus ~ Scorpio axis, that started back in November 2021. Remember a full moon acts as an illuminator to show you the things that need to be purged in your life. Full Moons equal release and new moons equal intentions for what you want to bring in. There are 6 planets in fixed signs and this makes the energy fixed.

A Full Moon Eclipse is a large full moon, if you look at your chart and see where 5 degrees of Taurus falls in your chart and which house it is in, you can see the area that is highlighted for you personally. An eclipse could be likened to a magical moment because it can bring surprises and shocks, think exciting change that can bring in permanence. Eclipses are high energy, they are always about endings and new beginnings.

Being the last in the set you are being asked what you are ready to work through on the Taurus/Scorpio axis. I see shadow work, healing the old to move into the new.

With Sun Mercury and Mars all conjunct Scorpio there’s a strong energy created. Then this is opposed by the moon and Jupiter – conjunction. There’s a kind of weird energy here because Pluto is squaring mars/merc/sun and the moon and Jupiter.

Taurus asks us to find fulfilment in the things related to our life, while Scorpio sun asks us to notice the mysterious. You’re being called to enjoy from the labour that you put in and also take care of your own needs on the sensual, secretive side. In some ways Taurus is you out in the world, while Scorpio is the secretive aspect. You’re being asked to look at relationship, sexuality, sensuality. Taurus I want to live in comfort, Scorpio, I want to express myself in an intimate way. Finances money, what you owe, debts, landlords _ Scorpio Taurus is the money that you make and what you accumulate on your own and this focuses on finances. Taurus also links to food, feelings of safety and security the fundamental needs. The Scorpio energy is so intense, sun, mercury, mars! With the Mars Mercury opposition to Jupiter you’re being called to look at finances. Where is your money, how are you using it?

Lets speak to the energy of Mars at 11 degrees and Mercury at 10 degrees in Scorpio, which is being opposed by Jupiter and the moon. You’re literally being asked to watch your energy and any fears that are coming up. Be careful with your words, there is a need to speak to say what you feel, the emotion behind this may make this tricky. Watch out for agitation, temper, angry words or being ready to do battle, there’s the vibration in this of fighting for your beliefs, this is brought in by Jupiter opposition a fight for or against. Note Sun in Scorpio can be sensitive, make sure you’re not picking up other people’s feelings.

An expression of feelings are highlighted with this lunar eclipse. You’re being called to action, where in your life within relationship needs some attention ~ strengthening bonds, releasing bonds and understanding bonds are all highlighted under this moon. The energy of this moon could heighten your emotions, so do watch out for this. Look at self esteem what matters to you and what are your values.

With Jupiter Conjunct the moon, you’re being offered something lovely, an opportunity a new twist, remember this is the planet of expansion. It’s at 11 degrees, bringing in the spiritual and angelic aspect, Jupiter is the great beneficent, it will support you, call in your helpers and guides to support you to use the energy. What are you wanting to move towards, think love, what you deserve (think you deserve) and worthiness. Be vigilant though as it can also make you emotional in the sense of I want to go back to a time when things were easier. I would recommend connecting into earth based practices to help you release the sparkly ness of the energy.

Throughout this period remember that this Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus is an Earth sign and earth signs ask us to ground and centre.

Tarot: Rider Waite Tarot ~ AE Waite (designed by Pamela Coleman Smith

Moon Card: Watch out for the energy of Scorpio, 10 of wands: Time to end something through a negotiation Empresse Card: step into Taurean positive traits.

Our Saturn Sextile offers us the opportunity to end what needs to be ended. It can help us with where we are going, how we are going to get there. Whatever is needed you will have the stamina and resolve to do what you need to do. As it is in pisces rx it also offers a level of magical sight that will help you see things in a different way and gain the knowledge you require.

Uranus at 21 degrees rx in Taurus, will assist you to look at your skills, initiate your independence, the fixed capacity of Taurus will help you here to tune in to who you are and who you want to be. This is supported by the ruler of Taurus Venus being in Virgo, here’s she is saying tune into the divine in order to tap into the depth of your inner knowledge, clarity may come a few days after the FM. As she is trine Jupiter there is an added level of supportive expansion highlighted on the level of relationship and money.

This chart highlights new solutions, new ways and helps you to see the next stage with this eclipse working with Jupiter which is the planet that can bring in big things provides great opportunities, you get to choose which way you will go.

This moon will affect people the most significantly if they have personal planets and points at 0 to 10 degrees of the mutable signs. You may also be affected if you have sun, moon, ascendant in an earth sign too.

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