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Full Moon in Scorpio ~ Healing Codes and Light Vibration

Read or Watch Your Choice ~ (note there may be slight differences in the written and video report.)

Scorpio Full Moon 23rd/24th April

Our Tagline for this Full Moon: Get ready for a new Vibration

We have our lunar eclipse on the 23rd at 7.47pm Eastern Time and 4:47pm Pacific and at 12.47am uk time on the 24th April, it is at 4 degrees and 17 minutes.

Are you ready for intensity, Scorpio always brings a good dose of this to any event that it is attending. Scorpio themes will be pushed to the surface, think dark, mystical transformation. Remember that Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth. What in your life is ready to finally be put to rest.

This full moon invites you to zone into Scorpio moon and Taurus sun energies ~ this is balancing the material Taurus and shared possessions Scorpio. This moon continues on from the energy of the Aries New Moon. This moon report it also blending with the uranus jupiter conjunction that happened a few days before.

The Moon

When a scorpio full moon comes in we're dealing with that which is mysterious. Are you ready for honesty in the realm of the self? Go into the truth of what you feel. It means recognising your wounds, remember that Taurus may not want this, it wants the simplicity and love element.

Scorpio's intensity may bring in the fear of change falling in the vibe of the t square of the moon and sun with pluto and as the ruler of scorpio you are being pushed to face up to something that you are ready to understand. No matter what you are being asked to recognise your true feelings about a decision, idea that you have made or had. You are being called to work through anything that feels uncomfortable for you.

What is happening with your finances may come up and in Scorpio it will be what you are not facing up to. Check in to any plan that you are making as whatever way you go will be with you for quite some time.

Pluto's square could mean that something that you find uncomfortable might come to the surface. Of course this is scorpio which means it will more than likely be tricky for you, you will need this to understand it. if there is any control of manipulation in your relationships you will be feeling it so that you can heal it.

New Beginnings
New Beginnings

With the Jupiter Uranus Conjunction a new creativity is being birthed and it could bring up a new understanding that assists you to break down walls.

There is a strength to this and when it comes up for you, it will help you grow. I want to say that with the Scorpio watery energy, you're being opened up to link into your intuitive side. Recognise the messengers that you are being given and truly lean into cleaning up the energies, thoughts and feelings that come up for you during this time.

If your energies are feeling haywire, I would recommend hugging a tree balancing out your emotions by grounding and connecting in to mother earth.

You will be supported with what you are doing by Mars in Pisces. You are ready to close the chapter in your book. In fact you're being called to close this chapter. The new journey in your life is being highlighted. This road has been long and you are ready now to release some of the problems and lessons that you have been holding on to for too long. Mars is linking in to Jupiter and Uranus ~ watch our for a feeling of not being sure. Where are you being called?

Mars neptune conjunction might have you feeling as if you do not know the way, in a way there is a sense of being lost here. Take pause until your mind because clearer, so that you can radically accept the choices that you make

Effectively an old time line is due to change and close and a new door is going to open for you as you move forward. I am not going to sugar coat this, this is the Scorpio full moon, it is seeking regeneration, it draws in a death of the old self, deep closure of old parts of you that will be released, so that you can move forward.

The full moon chart holds North Node, Chiron, Mercury rx and Venus in Aries ~ Parts of yourself that you are gathering together, internally, there will be insights with regard to the next step. In essence they are calling in Love, the slow move towards higher soul callings and that which is spirtual, how you connect and work with others is linked in with the energy of transforming what was into something that is new and improved. The angels guide that this is also linked to the whole of society and our collective destiny.

Do note the conjunction of Chiron with Mercury Rx and Venus. This is highlighting relationship wounds, self love and care that we have not yet stepping into. There are strong planetary aspects that can support a deep level of healing of our Chiron wounds in this chart. You are ready to revisit past wounds and you will be able to heal them. Highlighted by mercury the healing need also link to communication, how you express yourself and speaking your truth.

Our Tarot Cards for this moon ~ Midnight Magic ~ A Tarot Deck of Mushrooms ~ By Sara Richard

Knight of Wands ~ It's time to challenge any issues within your communication style

Page of Cups ~ Then lean into the awakening of deeper trust and value in relationship

You can move into the space of knowing when you allow the energy of this moon to give you clues of where you are giong and this comes from being brave and diving into the darker energies of Scorpio. Remember in the energy of Scorpio the body may feel discomfort due to the emotionality present and the shadow that might rear it's head. Lean into knowing that to get to the gold, sometimes need to go through the depths of darkness.

You are ultimately being called to step into the sage energy, the wise elder, which will help you make the right decisions.

Moon Phases

This moon may affect you if you were born with personal planets and points at approximately 0 to 9 degrees of the Mutable signs, it may also affect you if you have your sun, moon or ascendant in Scorpio.

Full Moon Release

This is the moon that calls you to dig deep into the depths of your shadow you are being called to deeply recognise where your boundaries are not being held, release anything that does not feel good.

With Love Hem and the Angels xxxxXX


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