The Confidence Myth

The Confidence Myth - selfloveselfcaresystem

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Everywhere I turn recently there is someone talking about raising confidence. I may even be a culprit of this myself. I have been thinking about this!! Not in the vein of we don’t need that entire confidence clap trap, but more in line of our expectations.

The personal expectations that we have are often tough. When we lack certain skills in life such as confidence, there is a part of us that is slightly weakened. Or at least this is what we are led to believe.

Human being’s are amazing and where a person may have less confidence, there will be something about them that shines. A skill that they may not realise they show the world, or a skill that the person may not even know that they have.

It has also come to my attention that just as with most of our traits, there is a scale. I know a person that tells me that they have no confidence, yet they are happy to do you tube videos and publish their life on social media. To me that takes a huge deal of confidence. I struggle with doing this stuff.

There are also areas where a person may be more confident than others. In slips the whole introverted/extrovert. The truth is that being human means that we are all dipping in and out of emotions all of the time, be it confidence, happiness, joy, hurt etc. Not one of us has the liberty of living in perfection.

Perfection after all does not describe and never could describe the human experience. Plus, there is no such thing as perfection, we can convince ourselves that there is, but truly what we are talking about is being a perfectionist.