11 focus areas to create self care ...

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Care about you and give yourself what you need.

When overwhelm kicks in it can be hard to self care. This week I have been experiencing the chaos that surrounds us when we are running on empty, or dealing with situations that take us completely out of our comfort zone. Now we all experience situations in our life that are new. Or situations that we create, where we stop giving ourselves the time to self care.

This could be working long hours, over doing it and burning the midnight oil, partying hard, not eating well, lacking exercise.

Self care is something different to inner love and self love and we all need a good dose of it everyday. Although love and self care are linked they are not the same thing. I used to think that they were, once upon a while ago! When we practice both as often as we can, we can create a more harmonious life.

The other problem a lot of us face is working solidly 5 days a week and then jamming in what we believe is self care into 2 days each week. If we have tasks to do this diminishes and then we are completely and utterly devoid of this basic need that replenishes us.

The truth is when we are just, most of us won’t be giving either of these things that much thought. Why would we, we are living our life the best way we can. For most of us self care is something that we think of last, when things have got bad and we require it the most.

It normally takes something to happen before any of us bother. However once we experience dis-connect in our lives, be this from i