How to accept your feelings - blog quickie ...

Acceptance, dealing with your feelings

Whatever your present moment brings, accept it for what it is; be with it rather than resistant to it.

It happens to us all when we are in pain, or going through a tough time we forget that we can be in another emotion. We hunker down into the pain and become attached to it. Yet, at the same time we are annoyed with this feeling and we lament about it, wishing for happier times. The bottom line is that we are being resistant.

We ignore being because there is so much that we can be doing. There is nothing wrong with giving into being sick, or being angry, or being sad. It’s just a moment in time. It also has the ability to re-focus us, if we let it, because when we are experiencing extremes there is usually an epiphany of varying scales that follows.

When we accept the situation that we are in, we are more able to let it go and to move on with the next thing that we have to do. In fact being in the moment of what we are feeling is refreshing because it restores us and our energy.

This means giving in and accepting that being unwell will run its course, or the problems we are facing will soon be gone, or the situation that we are in will subside. If it can't subside we can create the acceptance that it is now part of o