My discovery & 3 tools to create an authentic 'you' ...

Writers block hit this week. I have always believed that when writer’s say this they are being a little cheeky!!! However, it is real. In this world full of information and stories and theories, I could not find one single topic that I felt passionate about.

At this present moment in time I am not sure what this means. I am not sure what I am here to do right now, okay yes ;) … I know that I am here to write, yet alas dear reader as I tap away at my keyboard I wonder if I could go out and do something else instead?

Then it hits me, i don’t always have the answer, know who I am, know what I want, or even have a pathway to follow and maybe that is a good thing. What do all these plans do? Do they broaden my life? Do they create momentum and direction? Yes, well maybe, however they also have the capacity to limit me and to box me in.

I write this on the back of reading a book about ‘Time’* that I have been addicted to this week. I have always believed that I love plans and being organised. In fact I had lists, plans, drive and outcomes a plenty way back when. It was the way I worked, I believed that a plan whether followed or not would create the path for me, that would make my life effortless.

Cue the book on Time, so there’s a test in the book which ascertains whether a person is a planner or a spontaneous person. All the pl