Metamorphosis – Time for a change (by recognising your shadow self)

A leopard does not change it’s spots.

Once a fool always a fool…

These are not very helpful scripts, yet they roll of the tongue as if they are truth in many instances. It is simple, they are sayings that we all pick up, however they are not fair scripts because people can and have changed. It’s just the old thinking models say that this is not possible.

Change is possible. If change was not possible we would all still be behaving the way we did at five years old. Albeit some of us are probably still behaving as though we are five years old, but if that is through choice, that’s fine.

If on the other hand you are living your life with the inherent belief that you are unable to change, or with the idea that ‘they’ (whoever they are) have to change first before you change. Then you are locked in a cycle and this cycle can and will keep you trapped. In fact this cycle precludes a person from experiencing high level love.