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11 ideas on how to release your funk ... (blog quickie)

They say it's the best medicine

'A day without laughter is a day wasted'

Charlie Chaplin

Next time that you feel stressed or anxious, or even if you are ill, find something to laugh at. It’s simple and it lowers symptoms related to stress. Laughing can release natural pain relievers and help to bolster the immune system. Whenever I am ill, I make it a mission, to watch the films that make me laugh out loud.

It is known to lower cortisol and help to release the good ‘ole happy chemical endorphins. Just think even if you are feeling a little bit down, a small dose of laughter will cheer you up without fail. Make time to laugh whenever you can. It is sure to lift you up, when you’re down in the dumps.

Most of us take ourselves way too seriously; laughing at ourselves is a great way to boost our immunity. Yep, give yourself a chance to be silly. Just think you could find that you see laughter in situations that usually send you stir crazy.

Often when we get to our adult lives we laugh less often than we did when we were children. Children are fabulous at finding anything and everything to laugh at. They laugh at the most silly and inane things. This in turn keeps them happy…

Make time to giggle

What have you got to lose – it’s time to tap into laughter each and everyday…

11 Ideas to get the ball rolling

1. Watch a funny film.

2. Go out with your mates that make you laugh out loud. I have a merry band of 3 lovely friends and whenever we are together we laugh so much, it’s great.

3. Tell jokes and find humour in your day, or create it…

4. Read a funny book, comic etc.

5. Smile more – it can lead to your laughter moments.

6. Watch your favourite comedian and laugh out loud.

7. Go and watch a bunch of comedians at the comedy club.

8. Laugh with the children, haven’t got a child – take your nephew, niece, and mates’ kid out. They will make you laugh, it’s just their way (little buckets of giggles) …

9. Laugh at yourself…

10. Remember activities or situations where you brought laughter into your life before and do more of the same.

11. You could even try laughter meditation. I can’t say that I have tried it, however this may be the next thing on my list … :)


  • Oxygenates your blood

  • Lifts your mood

  • Helps you keep illness at bay

  • Strengthens your immune system

  • It can reduce pain and therefore help you to heal

Yaaaaaaaaaaay, get laughing it will help to create a happier and funnier experience and help you to feel extra special fabulous …

Stay happy in times of crazy…

Lots love xxxXxx

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