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How to get some of 'You' back...Head in the clouds, feeling out of sorts.

Self love Self Care System - get back you you article

Is your head in the clouds? Are you feeling out of Sorts? Has everything got too much? Find out how you can get some of you back….

Those of you who are spiritual will know what I am talking about, in fact you may have already suffered feeling wooly headed and disconnected from the earth.

When we feel as if our head is in the clouds, or we are confused etc it’s sometimes because we are not grounded.

I have been spiritual in some way or another most of my life, in a way it was not a choice, it was just the way that I was born. I put this down to being operated on at an early age.

Also right now in the current climate there are many people that are feeling totally lost, out of their depth and out of control. This is understandable, considering the fact that the world is changing on a daily basis.

How we deal with this will determine whether we sink or swim.

It is hard when everyday seems to bring newness, humans crave a sense of certainty and stability. Yes, there are times when life levels change at us, which although challenging does not up turn the whole of our world. However right now, it would be fair to say that we are all experiencing more than our fair share of change.

This in itself can create ungrounded bodily sensations that will affect us, whether we realise it or not.

It takes courage verve and deep inner knowing to not give into fear and be totally aligned when we are facing such deep tests.

Grounding gets bandied about all over the place in spiritual circles – yet I have yet to find someone that admits that sometimes creating roots in your mind, breathing effectively (although this does help) can be lacking.

There are other ways that we can ground ourselves in our bodies.

What being ungrounded Is

Often when we are young, or when we have been through a traumatic experience, or situation we might create a protection mechanism that helps us to deal with our world. The problem is that a protection pulls us out of our body. When we are ungrounded we are not fully in our body and this makes the world at large seem off centre,

If you heard your parents yelling a lot when you were little, you might have taken yourself off in your mind to another place so that you did not have to deal with what was happening.

Or your other half incessantly explains things and you switch off, take yourself out of your body and feel a little better.

This is disconnection from yourself and it pulls you away from the world at large.

It manifests in not being in connection to yourself, maybe you are lost in the way that you are feeling, or you are pretending that you are not feeling anything when there are emotions that require your attention.

Alternatively you have got yourself into a space where you are overworking, spending too much time glued to the tv, or social media. This will have a drip effect and create stress that can leave you feeling out of control, which again can lead to feeling ungrounded.

The rub here is that all of us are ungrounded at one time or another; we are a soul in a body and despite mostly thinking that we are all body. We are very much part soul too which is why we often become disconnected.

Years ago I was at a spiritual healing retreat. It was our last day and before my healing session I had reflexology. For some reason after the session I was totally ungrounded. The lady healer I had straight after kept mentioning it to me, she appeared to be unaware that a treatment can unground a person.

The reason I bring it up is because we can be ungrounded for spells of time and the healer ought to have realised that sometimes treatments can space clients out. Therefore if you have a massage or reflexology session, or anything like that, grab a drink of water and something to eat before you drive, or go out into the public arena.

Also, if you are an empath get real habitual about grounding as it is very easy to pick up other people’s thoughts, negativivity, emotions and lack of grounding when you are with people that are spaced out.

Okay onto what feeling ungrounded is

Do you ever feel as if you are spacey and dizzy? I know this one well, when I talk to my ex I enter this state immediately, it’s nothing to do with him specifically, however this is what our connection evokes in me. If you do any type of spiritual practice this might put you out of your body. If you were born unwell as a child and were operated on, you might be used to dis-connecting from your body too. This is something that needs to be remedied through appropriate grounding.

Key giveaway – you feel as you are invisible to others.

RE: My ex - there are some people that we come into contact with where the energies are so mismatched that you, or they might feel ungrounded. Being in their presence might evoke a sicky feeling. This is because you are not in alignment with them at all. There is a little bit more about this further on in the article.

The following states can be present when you are ungrounded

Forgetting stuff – information, or when a meeting is


Misplacing items

Feeling unwell, drained or tired

Feeling other people’s energy

Rushing without achieving

Clumsiness – walking into things and dropping things

Losing track of time

Agitation – This one is a huge giveaway. If you are feeling agitated in a situation then you’re not grounded. Get out and do something that helps you to get back into your body and bring your awareness fully back into your frame of reference.

Example – A few years ago I was over at a family birthday session. As the evening progressed I felt as if I was in a swimming pool and even though I was eating and drinking, nothing was bringing me back to earth. Eventually I had to go to leave the room and do some 5,5,5 breathing (otherwise known as box breathing) to calm me down.

Do you feel Tiredness when you wake up? If you are feeling tired, your body maybe ungrounded. If you have had enough sleep, get some grounding in.

People do not understand what you’re saying? Ever been chatting away and given up because you feel as if people do not understand what you are saying. This is another give away that you are not being part of your body. I have to put my hand up, I have experienced this, a great deal in my younger life. I just felt as if everyone could not hear me. In this behaviour you might start sentences, not finish them and just get stuck with what you’re saying. Or you might even notice that people turn away from you while you are speaking.

Key Giveaway – you feel as if you are not heard, other people are not listening.

Forgetfulness Sometimes when we forget what is going on, it’s not age, or that we are tired (although when we are tired, we often become ungrounded ) it could be that we are lacking groundedness, we are so out of our bodies that we are not listening, which in and of itself will seem as if we are forgetful.

Key Giveaway – you are not concentrating when someone is talking to you, you are easily distracted. You are thinking of one thing, while you are doing another thing.

You just can’t focus. When we are ungrounded we might start to do one task and then end up on something else. There is no focus attention. This would indicate that your mind is all over the place.

Distraction/lack of focus – What was I doing? What was I saying? Why am I holding this?

Concentration – How easy is it for you to concentrate? Are you able to keep the idea that you are working on in your head and focus on this? If not and you find that you need to keep reading back, this intimates lack of grounding. Although also note that this could also be attributed to dyslexia and certain learning issues. So take the time to give pause and check in with different possibilities.

To check this – have a look at your to do list and recognise where you are not bringing what you want together. If you are lacking focus, stop what you are doing. Go and carry out a grounding activity (see list below.) When you get back to your task concentrate on that task alone. Turn off all distractions – yes, folks this includes the internet and social media. You’ll never get your task done if you get caught in a social conversation stream.

Being unable to stay in a conversation, having communication problems? – I think everyone used to give up on me when I was young. I was not really listening or focusing on anyone. The problem with this type of lack of grounding is that it can cause alienation. Someone is talking, you don’t get the gist, you either reply by saying the wrong thing, or you just don’t reply at all. It also makes you feel invisible, so if this is happening to you get some grounding.

Giveaway – you do not feel as if are there, you do not want to be there.

I can help with this if you are really stuck with a one hour grounding lesson – literally only available to you if you read this article, e-mail & quote grounding article one hour lesson.

We are all prone to making mistakes around grounding because it’s not an ordinary subject area. To my mind every child that was ever operated on in childhood ought to be taught grounding skills from birth. Then as we get older, we all could all do with getting some pointers on really being in our bodies.

The truth is that overwork, over tiredness, overwhelm, exhaustion, meditation, driving long distances, not eating enough and regularly, insomnia, stress etc can contribute to feeling ungrounded… Hence ensuring that we are grounded is essential to all of us…

Ways that you can Ground

Action – take action that puts you in your body. –

  • Exercise anything that forces you to balance is a good one here, you really have to be in your body to do this (if you struggle to balance pick something else) … Also cardio is good

  • Having a shower – showers and baths re-set us. Water clears energy and therefore helps us to ground.

  • Eating and drinking can also ground us into the earth.

  • Washing the dishes and being totally present in the task can ground you

  • Gardening

  • Weeding

  • Playing a board game that needs you to use all your attention.

  • Walking on grass in your bare feet

  • 5.5.5 Box breathing

  • Japanese relaxation technique

A very great way of grounding – Is to ensure that you drink enough water.

The truth is that with grounding sometimes what works for one person does not work for another, years ago when I was training to be a reiki master, when I was practicing I noticed that many people would struggle to ground once they had completed their meditations. I learnt to provide a variety of grounding tools to ensure that everyone was totally grounded. The moral being: One size does not fit all.

There are spiritual grounding methods too. I am not going to mention them here because this article is about the types of grounding methods that you can use if you feel ungrounded in life, as opposed to ungrounded after a spiritual practice.

The truth is that right now the little things are so important, resting, pausing, reflecting. Not allowing yourself to rush around, or watch read things that add to the chaos within. For now your primary concern is you, then your immediate family, close friends and then wherever you can (country circumstances permitting.*)

Maybe one day we’ll look back at this article and think oh my, that is why I was feeling as if life was falling on top of me. It was because I took the weight of the world on my shoulders and then moved out of my head so that I did not have to feel it.

All the love to you all

Wishing you well

H xxxXXx

* Article written in 2020 during covid-19

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