How to get some of 'You' back...Head in the clouds, feeling out of sorts.

Self love Self Care System - get back you you article

Is your head in the clouds? Are you feeling out of Sorts? Has everything got too much? Find out how you can get some of you back….

Those of you who are spiritual will know what I am talking about, in fact you may have already suffered feeling wooly headed and disconnected from the earth.

When we feel as if our head is in the clouds, or we are confused etc it’s sometimes because we are not grounded.

I have been spiritual in some way or another most of my life, in a way it was not a choice, it was just the way that I was born. I put this down to being operated on at an early age.

Also right now in the current climate there are many people that are feeling totally lost, out of their depth and out of control. This is understandable, considering the fact that the world is changing on a daily basis.

How we deal with this will determine whether we sink or swim.