When I used to ...Salsa... (blog quickie)


Re-ignite an old passion or start a new one

Have you ever thought back to when you were younger and brought back a memory, of something that you did, that you loved?

This week I got to thinking about how I used to go to weekly Salsa classes when I was at University.

Salsa always made me feel pretty alive and I got quite good at it too. I remember the red dress and the heels I used to wear, although I am not sure that I would be able to dance in those shoes now. In fact I am not even sure that I could walk in those shoes now, lol ...

The whole memory made me think about how brave I was. I did everything back then. I was a sub-editor on the University newspaper, I danced and I went camping in the winter, because I was resilient.

As we get older some of us lose this resilience and some people get better at it. If you are one of the people that lost your resilience, this is a call for you, to find it again. To do something that takes you back to a time when you were young and brave.