The Magical Memory Conundrum - blog quickie...

She was wearing that lovely pink dress, - it was not pink it was blue… who cares blues, pinks lovely colours both!!!

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There is no truth, there is only perception …

Gustave Flaubert

Perception is a strange one and it affects the way that we see the world. A handful of us may experience an event, however when the story of that day gets relayed there will be a handful of stories, not one. Each person will have put their personal spin on it because they see it through their own life lens, through their own filter.

The filter is not flawed if one person’s vision of the event is different to another persons, it just means that their view of the world is different. There is something akin to a fairytale in this or the beginnings of a Chinese whisper.

Welcome to the perception perspective. None of us are immune to this and it is something that can, if we let it, cause tension and upset. The perception perspective is the way that we see things and remember things. It also enacts our need to be right and put our point across*.

However, if we let it, it could be the start of a journey into wonderland that helps us to create new dimension and vision. By aligning the way we view an old family story for example mixed with the way our grandchild viewed it, we could create an interlink that will be transformational.

I was talking to my sister about a story from our childhood the other day and h