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How to get into the right space for your holiday ... blog quickie

When you just can’t get it together and the fog builds up around you and everything that you look at gets the same nonchalant, I will get to this later attitude.

My plan has been to take a few days off over the bank holiday. However an irritating Sunday and I can’t get to it Monday has made me think that I probably should put back the time off.

Re-wind a couple of steps, back to my first sentence…

The fact is my attitude screams that I need a break, and yes I do want to take the break. I know that I need the time to stop, pause and reflect on my next step. However I also know that if I do not get my tasks done, I will want to work. Or at least get it finished!

The major problem is that I am irritated re: my tetchy Sunday, that has created a non-productive me.

It is part of the ebb and flow of life that sometimes situations, experiences, life problems etc will pull us away from what we are doing. These scenarios will pull our focus in another direction and stop us from functioning at our best. So today for me is a useless day because I can’t get my head in the space where it is meant to be? I would wager that most of us have experienced this at one time or another.

This is where I am right now and as I write this I am aware of what I need to do to re-focus. If re-focus does not happen, it will mean that I will not take the much needed days off. Ultimately this will affect me in the long run. Now I teach love and care, so my advice to self and for all my readers is that giving space and time to self is very necessary.

Okay, so when you are having a day like the one I describe above it will be easy to distract you, all manner of distractions will appear right in front of you. To move past the confusion that has built up in your brain, there are steps you can take.

Remember: I am talking specifically about when our mind stops us from focussing just before a holiday and we wind up working till late so that we can get everything done. I am also referring to a short break. For longer breaks you may need to put further preparation steps in place.

Top Tips

I’m not going to fib, you may still feel cruddy even when you apply these tips because you are dealing with other things. However, if you want to get on and not burn the midnight oil, then these are worth a go.

  • Do some preparation work, make sure that the majority of what you need to do is done in the hours, days, or even week beforehand.

  • Turn off anything you don't require, & remove yourself from all distractions.

  • Grab paper and pen and write the least you can do so that you can take your holiday.

  • Get on and do the minimum you can… (This is the baseline, the least you can do.)

Remember: Just the minimum. When you allow yourself to be less productive before a vacation you also allow yourself to enjoy those days off. Often if we do not do this, we get sick while we are meant to be pausing and reflecting. Just the minimum needs to be workable for you so ensure the preparation stage happens...

Note: Anything you don't get to will still be there, when you get back...

I recall at my previous job people coming into work when on leave, people taking work home when on holiday, people getting ill while they were on annual leave. The goal here is to have time to self that is not hindered by worries that you left your work tasks up in the air.

Remember: When you just can’t get it together and the fog builds up around you and everything that you look at gets the same nonchalant, I will get to this later attitude.

It really is time for a break… You deserve to take time to stop and renew.

Happy Holidays…

Lots Love Hem xxxXx

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