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How to get the ball rolling - by creating super bursts of time ... (blog quickie) ...

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Do you have an idea, job or task that has been on your mind for a while, yet you feel as if there is not enough time to get it off the ground? I understand, what with work, families, checking the car, doing the budget, laundry, washing up making dinner, well you name it, it's a wonder you even get time to sleep!

This may be the case, however, time is a funny thing and when you use it effectively you will start to realise that you have more of it than you previously believed.

Okay so let's say that your idea is that you want to learn a new language. You may find, that you are stuck in a pattern that says you need to give up a lot of time for a new task. This does not have to be the case, there are ways that time can be utilised so that you achieve more.

I used to listen to ten minutes of a language lesson when I was on the train. Okay it is a slow gain, but all gain is better than no gain.

The aim here is to create blocks of time, so that you can do what you want to do, without disrupting the necessary elements of your day too much.

We can make time for anything that we want, we just have to be willing...

Once you have decided what you want to do... Take the steps to make it happen...

Last year I walked 23k for British Heart Foundation and I trained every day starting out in the first two weeks at 30 minutes. Then I upped my training plan in increments. Sustained short bursts of training, good walking shoes and compede had me finishing that walk with not a blister in sight. I get more blisters wearing my high heels!!! ;)

Your Steps

  • Have all the things ready e.g: book in bag, writing materials all set out etc

  • Commit to doing between ten minutes min and 50 mins maximum a day, or every other day.

  • Only focus on this task at this time.

  • You can set a timer if you want.

  • Ensure you will not be disturbed.

  • Phone off, no internet etc... (unless you need these things for what you are doing)

Remember that the task is about measured progression, you are not aiming to finish it in one session. The aim is to build on it so that by the end of a week you will see results.

NOTE: If you start working into the night and not getting to sleep early enough, or overdoing it by getting engrossed. Stop, I say this because if it becomes a burden in terms of time, you may find yourself giving up on it.

The Aim is to create time based progress that is doable and manageable and does not impact on all of the other commitments that you have in your life.

Of course if it does not impact on your other stuff, then you can decide if you want to continue, only you can know if it is doable once you have the momentum.

The Result

  • You will see steady progression.

  • You will build up on what you are doing in a measured way.

  • By 21 days of doing this, you will have created a habit.

  • It will not impact on the time that you require for your other commitments.

The progress that you see will buoy you on to focus on whatever it is that you have started & will help you for any future projects that you have.

Enjoy having this time & remember you can apply this to just about any idea that you may have.

Lots love Hem xxxXx

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