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Running Scared - when fear gets in the way (blog quickie) ...

Oftentimes, you may think that the reason that you do not do something is because your inner compass is telling you that the idea would not work for you. However sometimes the actual reason is closer to fear and loss, as opposed to the 'idea' throwing your life off track…

Fear will show up as a sicky feeling – when you aim to let go of a habit that you have been holding on to your whole life, the ego will come roaring in. It will shout NO at you soooooo very very loud!!!!

Loss – this will show up by creating the feeling that if you cultivate this idea everything will be lost. You will be alone and all will not be well. Once again the ego is aiming to keep you where you are.

Don’t let fear be the boss of you…

How to change this

It’s simple – push past it, move through it. Put yourself in action mode and move towards your idea. Yes I know that in reality this can be hard!!

Work with someone if you need to, especially if it involves finance & security (working with a mentor/coach can alleviate the pressure.)

What’s the worse that could happen? If you have to give it up, because it doesn’t seem viable, then at least you aimed for it and got the feel of it. Then you will know: It's better to know, than to have an idea knocking around that you ignore.

Persistent ideas are there for a reason – whatever that reason may be, they are worth exploring.


  • Write down what you want to do

  • Break it down into small chunks

  • Action a chunk at a time

What will Happen

Whether you are successful or not...

  • You will have shot down the fear

  • You will have re-wired your neural pathways

  • You will have created change

You’ll see results in no time, be results orientated, rather than locked in fear… An idea whether good or bad explored creates freedom from ‘not knowing.’

As Susan Jeffers said – ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway!!’

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