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Ignite your creative spark - selfloveselfcaresystem

Each day as I check social media, browse through my news feed or check out Twitter I am inspired by our call to creativity. So many of us are caring enough about ourselves and igniting our creative spark. In truth the happier and more content your life, the more likely that you will have creative moments. However, if creativity is sometimes a struggle for you I encourage you to down tools and re-ignite your passion.

Creativity is important, because the more creative we are the easier it is for us to tap into our happy gene, to feel contentment and to accept life for what it is. Also when we are using the part of the brain that is responsible for our ideas and genius we awaken memories and tap into new thinking models. New thinking models are fabulous because they can pin-point where your life is out of wack and if you need to make a change. This is powerful stuff because the new behaviour e.g painting, taking photos shakes the real you to stand centre stage. This can have a knock-on effect and highlight areas of your life such as relationship or money where you need to focus some attention.

I admit since leaving school I am pretty stunted when it comes to creativity. When I was a teenager I used to draw (never cared what it looked like, or if anyone liked it), I used to write poetry (okay I am biased but my poems were pretty good, I even had one published in an anthology! – think that’s what you call it!!), I used to dye t-shirts, make cookies, make my own cards (okay I still do this sometimes, but the lazy version) … You get the picture, I gave in to my Yen to be creative, to be inspired and to just 'do it.'

As you can see, shiny new website, offers of help, yadda, yadda, yadda. I have been busy setting up my business: My mission is to help people. However, during the inception of all the work, the research, business courses, creating my blog, working on the website there was this insistent nudging at the back of my mind. Do something creative it nudged, then it whispered, and eventually it screamed. Yup, it screamed very loud. I could not get the thought out of my head ‘paint a canvas.’

Now with clients, friends, well just about anyone that will listen I am constantly extolling the virtues of taking the time out to let your brain fall into creativity.

'It creates space, warmth and new neural pathways that help to engage with a life that is calmer & more focussed. It can be therapeutic, cathartic and an all round way to keep your head straight. '

Hem xx

Sounds like a no-brainer, huh? The problem however is the responsibilities that I did not have when I was younger. When I could bowl in from school/college throw my rucksack on my bed grab my notebook and just start writing. Nope, now I stare at the mountain ahead, put the laundry on, make dinner, wash the dishes – pour a glass of wine, unwind. The glass of wine has become my creativity.

I can see all the excuses, plus I am a bit of a ‘booky’ thing so reading normally fills all my spare time and there is not much of it as I love what I do. I’ve also challenged myself this year to read fifty books!!! So the idea that there is time anywhere for me to also be creative seems implausible.

Not one to be thwarted, plus that little idea would not shut up. There is always a little time for anything once we make space for it. When I was working in an office I read books on the train. I seem to be happy enough to make time for yoga in the morning and that was a stretch when I first started. So how could I incorporate something creative into my day?

… I scribbled down ideas and then it hit me art does not have to be a huge project it doesn’t even have to be good and at that moment ‘tiny art’ was born. I already had the paints; I like to use acrylics they are easy and simple to use.

I went online bought myself some tiny canvas boards and made space in my day. Everything is set up ready in my work room, I just have to go in there and get on with it. What I love about tiny art is that I get to immerse myself in a space that we rarely inhabit as grown ups. Those of you who are good at this I salute you :) ...

What giving into my creativity has helped me to achieve? It’s made me more aware and has helped me to create a fresh perspective when looking at my other projects. Honestly, I feel great when I get the brushes out and paint 'tiny art'. I see it as meditation and as a teacher of meditation, I fully support using creativity to up-level calm spaces and a sense of achievement.

What creativity can do for you: The time that you take out on a creative endeavour may awaken other skills such as your capacity to problem solve, you might start to see the world in a different way, it could relieve stressors that have attached themselves to you when you were at your most vulnerable. The immediate re-focus of your thought process can also remove chaos. When you take time out for yourself in this way you are hitting pause. Pause is a good button in life because it encourages full breathing and giving in to who you are.

So what will your creative be?

Take that moment to think about where you could bring more creativity into your life. You could take photos, love cars - create a montage, write poetry on a train, buy a book and fill it with quotes, draw little pictures that you keep in a notepad (just for you.). My friend goes for walks with her kids and takes photos of little things that she feels she would not notice if she did not have the camera. Whatever floats your boat really? Get creative, inspired and find the 'You' that you used to be, when you were making robots and paper aeroplanes, and believing that a cardboard box could be anything you wanted it to be.

Remember: Aim to keep creativity at the forefront of your life, it is a great balm when life gets tricky and difficult because it will re-focus your thought process and help you to find the fresh perspective that can be the road to change.

Actually, that reminds me I used to have a notepad when I was young that had ‘tiny art in it…’ Finally, it all makes sense!! :)

Love to you all xxxXx

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