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Give in to the creative yearnings that are within you ...

Ignite your creative spark - selfloveselfcaresystem

Each day as I check social media, browse through my news feed or check out Twitter I am inspired by our call to creativity. So many of us are caring enough about ourselves and igniting our creative spark. In truth the happier and more content your life, the more likely that you will have creative moments. However, if creativity is sometimes a struggle for you I encourage you to down tools and re-ignite your passion.

Creativity is important, because the more creative we are the easier it is for us to tap into our happy gene, to feel contentment and to accept life for what it is. Also when we are using the part of the brain that is responsible for our ideas and genius we awaken memories and tap into new thinking models. New thinking models are fabulous because they can pin-point where your life is out of wack and if you need to make a change. This is powerful stuff because the new behaviour e.g painting, taking photos shakes the real you to stand centre stage. This can have a knock-on effect and highlight areas of your life such as relationship or money where you need to focus some attention.

I admit since leaving school I am pretty stunted when it comes to creativity. When I was a teenager I used to draw (never cared what it looked like, or if anyone liked it), I used to write poetry (okay I am biased but my poems were pretty good, I even had one published in an anthology! – think that’s what you call it!!), I used to dye t-shirts, make cookies, make my own cards (okay I still do this sometimes, but the lazy version) … You get the picture, I gave in to my Yen to be creative, to be inspired and to just 'do it.'