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Full Moon in Leo February 2023 Report

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February 2023 Full Moon in Leo

Tagline for our Leo Full Moon: Your heart is calling you to step up & Reign your own world/life …

We have our full moon on the 5th of February 2023 – this has the frequency of change attached to it, linked with independence, and creating solid foundations. It’s at 10:28am Pacific & 1.28pm EST time 6.28pm uk time 16 degrees and 40 mins leo.

This is quite a punchy full moon as leo is quite a punchy sign, it holds the air of wildness and sometimes chaotic ness too, there is something about the leo energy that can often be over estimated. Yet with its ruler the sun promising a bright future leo offers us a new wave of development within our personal orbit and space.

Think of it as a time of coming to an end in some things, being able to create stronger relationship and getting ready to cultivate a whole new something. We are also in the energy of a spiritual tumbling – some things just need to shift and go.

This phase of the Moon occurs at 16 degrees and 41 minutes of Leo, affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 14 to 20 degrees of the Fixed signs) most significantly.

With Leo Moon and Aquarius Sun in opposition we’re being called to balance the personal leo, impersonal aquarius and believe me if this is not done right Leo will take it personally. Leo wants things to be right, for people to get on and for there to be love all around. Don’t be mistaken though, the energy of this sign may want this, yet there are times it struggles to know how to achieve this and steps into over control rather than loving connection.

The full moon illuminates the conflict between these two signs and where they are comfortable. Leo lacks contentment being part of a team and needs the individualism to thrive, whereas Aquarius understands the needs of the team in a more profound way. This is bright – think blazing amazing – with sun in aquarius there is an added frequency and push to get this right.

Leo brings in the energy of self expression that can be linked with the mind and the ego that receives joy through relationship, especially that which is romantic. Aquarius is not an individualistic sign, aquarius is concerned with the collective, the group mind and how we work together play together and create together. As with all full moons and you now will know this quite well if you have been watching my reports, we are being called to balance the two signs in this case our personal, our emotional, our outer relationships and community and romantic life. The full moon illuminating the areas that still need work, that you have been working on and what needs fine tuning.

Due to Leo being ruled by the sun I would recommend a solar plexus meditation to help you to balance your power.

With Uranus forming a square there may be something unexpected, akin to the rebel or just a little premature or stuck to the information that is being revealed. It’s also probably making you think that you need something to happen now like it’s urgent. Jumping in with the message you’ve outgrown this or that, so get rid of it. Let’s not sugar coat this, it is activating and may make you feel something – with the fixed signs in situ this could be confusing the want to do is prevalent yet there is a chaos in the execution. In a sense this is not comfortable. As this unfolds any changes thoughts ideas that came up last year will continue this year.

Remember that you are working with the fixed sign, which isn’t a bad thing, leo, Taurus & scorpio can help you to commit and to make things happen. Speaking frankly there may be some discomfort felt as a result of this square. The energy of making you grow is present, asking you to surrender what no longer works in your life. If you’re resistant this will cause a feeling of pain.

A positive aspect is that we’ve got the planets going direct until early May and this will give us the movement that Uranus is willing us to take. Uranus loves to shake the bag!! So be aware that something is afoot!!

So with this moon you are being called to return to what you want and Leo will give you the strength to have it. In truth Aquarius sun can give you this strength too. It is time to step into what is possible for you – how are you going to lead yourself there. This is not the time to fear shining, it is the time to step into your light.

As a sign Leo is very connected to the heart it epitomises honesty, integrity – you’re being called to step into your heart and really be authentic – be there for you.

On the negative side - remember that fixed signs are stubborn as in they want change when they choose it, not when the tide is bringing it to them. Also Leo’s negative traits will surface if we let them, so watch out for being selfish and thinking only of your own needs – this is where Aquarius sun comes into play with its community element.

I also want to bring our attention to Gemini in Mars which is direct now at 11 degrees, which is sooo much better for us, this brings in a sense of calm and that restrictiveness has lifted. With it working with the sun things can be brought back together. I am so happy about this because it removes the confusion and stuckness that was prevalent before.

Both Venus and Neptune are in Pisces and this is providing us with a soft energy that we can use to move forward in our pursuit of raising into the love frequency of the heart. Also seeing a sense of creativity here too.

With the shift about to occur in Saturn & Pluto in March the energy is calling us to wrap up the Pluto Capricorn lesson and the Saturn in Aquarius lesson that we have been working through. Don’t worry cappy Pluto has a few revisits up until 2024 giving us all the chance to drop old outmoded thinking and being and move into a new way. Once it is fully in Aquarius it will be there for about 20 years and this is when the new wave gets activated.

We are in the power of change energy and this shift is super highlighted with the movement that is due in our astrological new year in March with the change in signs for Saturn and Pluto these are big moves folks and they will be responsible for turning the tide globally and individually. Resistance will be futile as change is being brought through come what may.

Bearing that in mind Pluto will be at 29 degrees from Feb till it goes into Aquarius 23rd March – This will bring up Cappy’s negative stuff – think of how cappy is our structures!! Pluto is the planet of power and it is shifting towards the sign of the people, this is going to take time folks…

We will also need to complete the energies that have been brought through with Saturn in Aquarius which is pushing us with this full moon with a square to get it done and deal with group preservation, we’ve been simplifying our ideals, principles, group involvement, contributions to community, prioritising quality over quantity. A time that has been about different approaches. We are literally about to move into creative imagination in March and the energy will feel very different; however for creatives and dreamers out there this can be a wonderful thing.

Our release questions for the month

Are you ready to step into the authentic true version of you?

What attitude or behaviour can you release so that you can shine fully in your life and be your true full self?

Or – how can you release beliefs that stop you creating the persona for yourself that you deserve and want?

If there is resistance to this, what do you need to do to make it happen, how can you release feelings and thoughts so that you feel ready to shine.

Action step: What one thing can you do right now to begin the journey that lets you shine?


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