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Let yourself feel Joy - no matter what is happening...


Amid the current cycle in our lives and the Covid-19 virus changing the way that we are doing things, we need more than ever to tap into the reserves of love and Joy that we have stored within us.

When stuck in a pain cycle, it is sometimes difficult to feel joy. It’s as if we forget that Joy is sitting right beside us.

Now it seems like a fanciful notion to believe that what we need is right there, yet it is. If you have ever felt joy in your life, or happiness, then it is always right there for you to channel.

We have become adept at responding to our emotions as and when they arise, however what if I were to say that it is not necessary to fall out of your happy place when the old doom and gloom feelings start to rear their ugly head.

Lets pause for a moment and think – there has been times in all our lives where we have been trapped in a pain story that makes us feel miserable. Now remember coming out of that, remember how it felt, really feel it taste it and experience it.

The truth is that we do not need to fall into step with feelings that can paralyse us, the type of feelings that enact the fight, flight, freeze response. I know, it sounds like fairyland. Yet, honestly there is a way to step around anything that is testing you.

It can be achieved in the small acts that inspire you to hold a space of love. We have become so wired to chase what is bigger, better, faster. What if? The secret to dispelling your gloom is appreciation of the ordinary, the mundane? What if?

This then elicits the question what are we choosing? Well if we give into the dark cloud, (yes I appreciate sometimes we will and that is okay too) then we are saying no to pleasure. Pleasure is a choice; choose the path that leads to pleasure as opposed to aligning yourself with feelings of pain that do not serve you.

I have to be honest I have had my own fair share of the pleasure/pain cycle. Which has meant that I was less than vigilant with regard to my own Joy, in fact it took me weeks to realise. I post this today in the spirit of realisation that it is time for to enact joy, to bench any situation that has me giving into gloom and live the best life that I deserve.


What does feeling pain around your situation do for us? Does it make things easier? Does it make things harder? In all likeliness pain that we feel only makes things harder. I have written of it before, acceptance is key. Pleasure too helps us to create less resistance to any change that might be coming up, or to new direction. This is often the time when we feel the least Joy.

Choose Pleasure

In the end we are all the masters of what we feel and what we experience, whether we want to take responsibility for this or not. Whatever we are choosing through our thoughts, beliefs, or limitations will ultimately give rise to how we see the world. By choosing the path of pleasure, even if the decision is a hard one, we make room for a different experience and we feel less pain.

The truth is that all pain is our resistance, if we want something to happen, moaning and groaning about how long it is taking and being bad to others in a bid to get our own way, is ultimately a resistance to change. So if you are looking for more Joy in your life remember that the experience will materialise when you are a direct match to what you seek.

As I have already mentioned, I too have been pulled along by pain. I wrote this article a long time ago and today I was compelled to read it. I hit a point in my situation when I realised that I was letting it run my life. I realised that it was stopping me from experiencing the joy that I deserve.

This applies to everything

When we become a match to what we seek we can draw the situation into our experience. Love, healthy relationships, good job, and a better life – are only possible when our energy – as in, how much we love and care for ourselves brings us into alignment. Some of us are better at the path of least resistance than others.

Keep practicing xxxXXx


When we enact joy it is harder for negative feelings and emotions to knock our core. We are uplifted when we keep relationships in our life that lift us up and allow us to see the joy that is life. If our life situation seems less than joyful, it is for us to change. Yep, that means we need to stop hanging round with folk that continuously make us feel drained. If we have a falling out with someone that’s fine, just heal it and move on, however it is important to avoid continuous feelings of drainage at all costs. We all know who our Joy stealers are – when we remove them, we end up feeling so much better.

The rub

Sometimes in order to get to the pleasure and joy part we need to go through situations that are tricky or that make us feel as if we are trapped. In order to stay within joy and pleasure, we need to stand firm in our choices and be happy with them. If a choice is made conscientiousness helps us to ride it, to be positive about it and love it. It is for each one of us to see the best in every situation, even if it turns out to be something that we probably should not have done.

Joy and pleasure will ride on the wave of our excitement, from change, from what could be perceived as pain, will come a new life, a new chance for something new …

When we accept the space that we are in and know that whatever is happening is what is meant to be happening, it makes it easier for us to understand, even work through if there are problems in the new space.

When we see these problems as areas where we can draw pleasure, pleasure in our capacity to be at one with the choices that we have made.

It’s the old adage change what you can and accept that which you can’t… ( I can’t remember who said this, however it’s not mine.)


Imagine you are a big wave on the sea, it is choppy, you could thrash about and expend your energy. Or you could calm down and embrace the excitement all around you.

Trust that there is no reason to feel pain, to feel angry, to be fearful. All is as it is for a reason and each one of us will be where we are meant to be in timing that is right for us individually. It is this trust that helps us to be at one and at peace with all that is. Being at peace is our ultimate goal, for it opens the door to joy with pleasure and allows us to live in true surrender.


Surrender clears the path so that we can move forward, it stops pain because it knows that it is not necessary. It opens our mind to the possibilities, to joy, to pleasure to the ultimate spaces in life that are good for us. Surrender catapults us quickly to the next chapter, to the unseen areas of our life, to new beginnings. Look at it simply – we all deserve a loving and joyful existence.

It is just to remember..

That pain, anger, worry, fear is the path of resistance. They are there to make the journey seem untenable and as if something is wrong, when it is not. They will confuse the mind. Love asks us to tune into being at one with all that is and to understand that the Universe will only ever put us in situations that we can cope with.

With this in mind know that pleasure and joy can be had just by tweaking the way that we respond to the experiences in our life. No matter what is happening, keep looking for pleasure whatever that is and allow that pleasure to give rise to joy. How can pain, fear etc get hold of us when we are enjoying life so truthfully and honestly?

Well I must say as an aside an article I wrote sooooo long ago (it was March 2018, I checked properties) has just reminded me how to stay in tune with my self love and care choices. Yes, I fell off the wheel and yes I forgot sometimes. Yet, today I remember that there is opportunity in this growth, there is change and joy, right here right now.

None of us have to wait for a situation to abate to embrace the love that is available to us and all around us. We just need to give in, to let things be as they are and to ride the wave of love.

After all the truth is that no situation will stay the same forever.

All my love and biggest hugs lovelies

Me xxxxXXXx

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