Let yourself feel Joy - no matter what is happening...


Amid the current cycle in our lives and the Covid-19 virus changing the way that we are doing things, we need more than ever to tap into the reserves of love and Joy that we have stored within us.

When stuck in a pain cycle, it is sometimes difficult to feel joy. It’s as if we forget that Joy is sitting right beside us.

Now it seems like a fanciful notion to believe that what we need is right there, yet it is. If you have ever felt joy in your life, or happiness, then it is always right there for you to channel.

We have become adept at responding to our emotions as and when they arise, however what if I were to say that it is not necessary to fall out of your happy place when the old doom and gloom feelings start to rear their ugly head.

Lets pause for a moment and think – there has been times in all our lives where we have been trapped in a pain story that makes us feel miserable. Now remember coming out of that, remember how it felt, really feel it taste it and experience it.

The truth is that we do not need to fall into step with feelings that can paralyse us, the type of feelings that enact the fight, flight, freeze response. I know, it sounds like fairyland. Yet, honestly there is a way to step around anything that is testing you.