Release the shackles that stop you having the life of your dreams...

selfloveselfcaresystem - entrapment

In some ways this is self love and care 101. It raises the question, where am I settling? What am I not doing with my life? As we age and the years go by, we start to bargain with ourselves, telling ourselves that we will pursue our wildest dreams when we retire, or when our kids leave home, or when the house is done, or when, when, when!!!

The date usually never comes, or it’s too late to come or we just plain don’t want to do it anymore because we have stepped past the younger years of our life. Plus with children staying at home longer and the retirement age generally creeping up, it’s tricky to know if the time that we have pencilled in will ever really be there.

In many ways this is a type of binding, we bind ourselves to a particular course of action because we think we have to. We bind ourselves to situations that create entrapment. This stops us from truly being who we are.

With this in mind living our greatness needs to start now, yes now, right now. It doesn’t mean upping sticks with the family and moving to a kibbutz. It just needs to be the action of taking active steps everyday to create the life that we want to have, doing the things that we want to do and cultivating a road to the dreams that have resided within us since we were children.