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5 Writing Practices That Will Help You Heal: Happy National Writer’s Day :)

5 Writing Practices That Will Help You Heal: Happy National Writer’s Day

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I could not miss an opportunity to get an article out to you about writing on National Writers day. June 27th 2018 is national writer’s day in the UK, which has got me thinking about words and how we share.

To me writing is about more than literature, and non fiction. It’s about poems, blogs, articles in magazines, newspapers, diaries, journals, facebook posts, letters, notes, websites, leaflets, morning pages/journals, adverts, greetings cards, messages, evening journals/pages, tweets, learning materials etc… Writing is something that we all engage in at one point or another.

Words have the power to lift us up, or communicate a message, share a story, teach something. Words are so powerful, they can emit a message in seconds, allow others to feel the way that we are feeling and vice versa. Words possess alchemy when they are used well. We all have the possibility of tapping into the magic of this.

Tap into the alchemy of your written words…

I love words, I always have done, I love books, and sharing the knowledge I have gained through words to help others to create a new world for themselves. I believe that words give us the power to do this, which is why the internet is such a good medium. Whatever our views on it, the internet has opened the door to unlimited sharing.

Being all about love, I feel that national writer’s day is a fabulous time to take stock on self love & care, go on, give yourself a little time for writing and or sharing your words (if you want to) … Although I am covering writing for self here, because I feel it is a great way to heal our inner pain.

Writing that can help you with your love and care journey

1. Writing a diary can help you to feel into your own thoughts, put the events of your day into fresh perspective and let go of anything that you no longer need. There is such a poignant message in a diary journey because it is by you and for you. This is your private space. Honestly your words do not necessarily have to be for others, they can be a personal discovery of self.

2. The same can be said of journaling and morning pages – these writing activities help you to internally reflect so that you can really embrace the opportunity to talk to yourself. It could be said that writing in this way is talking to yourself lovingly and kindly and it opens a dialogue between you and yourself that helps with deep internal healing. This type of practice helps you with self love by letting you check in with whether you like the voice that you hear or not. If you do not like it, you have the choice to change who you are reflecting to the world.

3. Affirmations and inspirational quotes written with love in mind can help us to re-align ourselves with our true loving nature. Each one of us can write our own personal messages which can mirror our life choices and decisions that are happening in our life at any given time. These can be included in journals; diaries etc, or created separately.

4. Richard Branson keeps a notebook with him at all times and anything that is said to him that he thinks is a good idea, he jots down. I love this idea, grab a little notebook and jot down anything that comes to your mind as something you can do, a suggestion someone makes, or your shopping list if need be – hey writing is writing, it does not matter what you are writing. I have a sparkly notebook that fulfills this purpose and it fits into my bag.

5. Evening pages – these go with journaling and morning pages really, however I am suggesting it separately because I think that ‘Evening Pages’ are a fabulous way to dump anything in your mind that is causing you concern. Literally get a notebook that you keep by your bed and just before you go to sleep write anything that upset you from the day, is worrying you or causing you concern. At the end of writing – write a little promise that you will come back to any issues that need your attention tomorrow and so to bed zzZZzzZzZZ :) … Honestly a clear head is worth a lot.

The Benefits

Writing solely for you evokes a whole host of benefits: Especially if we use our writing as a tool for self reflection, as a method to ask questions, to feel for answers and to allow ourselves to receive confirmation of our choices.

  • It’s therapeutic

  • It’s healing

  • It creates a sense of mindfulness in action

  • It can help to enliven your communication

  • It can create a deep well of confidence and heal self-esteem issues

  • It opens the door to creativity…

There are many more benefits and it’s totally, a great way to get yourself writing, if writing is something that you are interested in. Even if writing isn’t your thing the internal therapy involved in this type of reflection is deeply rewarding.

The notebook …

  • Helps you to remember things

  • Gives you space to reflect on ideas and suggestions

  • Helps with creativity

  • Allows for focus

  • Helps to create action

Writing is a deep inner healing methodology that we sometimes forget in our pursuit for healing. It really is worth embracing if you need a way to heal inner issues that are troubling you.

I read somewhere online about a guy that has been writing a morning journal for years, he said that he writes while he’s on his tube journey to work. I love that he has found a time that is perfect for his writing. I can’t attribute this because I can’t remember where I read it, so love to him, if he reads this and maybe he can let me know so I can give him a shout out if he’d like ...

Writing is a superpower, embrace the alchemy of it and make it a part of your life in everyway.

Whatever your writing style, embrace it, love it and allow it to bring meaning into your life. Maybe, you want to write for others too, it's not all about inner reflection, sharing your writing is a fantastic way to communicate with others. Whatever, way suits you best, go for it :) ...

Happy Writing Folks

All my love, on this fabulous day in June *hugs*


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