2018 Intention Setting – What do you want your New Year to look like? (blog quickie)

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It's time to have a think about how you would like your New Year to pan out. Oftentimes we just go into a New Year with the expectation that it will be different. The truth is that difference only happens, if you create it on purpose.

Now I know that many of us have been sold the whole NY resolution thing. However if you really want to make a change, a resolution won’t cut it. Hmmm, now there is a reason for this and it’s our association with the word and what it means. Last year I made a resolution to read 50 books. I didn’t really tell anyone about it and I also did not achieve it.

This year I set an intention to read 50 books by the end of the year and I achieved this on the 29th October …

Setting an intention works in a different way because it isn’t wired with the same energy as a resolution.

Also I believe that the word goal has this energy too, whatever it is you want to achieve, it is doable. So you might want to paint, write a short story, or take photographs. Life doesn’t have to be about big wild ambitions, it can be about baking an egg less cake stuffed with chocolate, or joining your local gym.

Re: Setting an intention – this is just to decide how you would like your New Year to look. You’re not starting anything; you’re just deciding how you want the year to pan out.