7 Steps to feeling better if you experience toxic relationships...

Do you find yourself in the company of people that make you feel uncomfortable? Do you have friends that make you unhappy with the way you are, how you look etc? Or family members that make you feel crazy guilty & completely bonkers?

Take a moment and pause…

If this is you, there are ways to manage how you feel about these people and the situations that you find yourself in. It can be hard when a family member makes demands of you and you feel as if you just have to say yes.

Let's break this down - if it is a friend then you may have to do some soul searching. At the end of the day friends are there to support you and to help you to build yourself up, not to push you into a corner. Look, if your mate is well meaning and it is not their intention then it's fine maybe you can stay friends. However, if this is not the case you might need to step away for a while. This does not mean ending the friendship forever, it just means you get to re-instate it when you are ready and on your terms. Then if/when you come back it's the same, you can re-distance yourself, if necessary.

Now if it's a family member, this is slightly different. We have all experienced times when we want to say no to family, but there is just no getting round it. They know all your buttons and they are going to press them, if you let them. This one is completely down to you and how strong you can be. No one can actually make us feel anything that we don't want to, or do what we don't want to either. Of course there are exceptions here, but that would mean that you are in unhealthy alliances - if this is the case you may need to seek outside help from a professional. However, if this is just the run of the mill family crazy then it's about boundaries.