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Love Series - Naughty or Nice

The Love Series

I was talking to my friend the other day and something came up. We were talking about the love series. Said friend turned to me and said ‘well the thing with love is that you have to be nice all the time.’ I think I said something like, ‘well that’s love, but this is inner love that I am teaching, you know self love.’

My mate said, but there’s still that thing, if I am being all loving to myself, then I won't seem loving to other people.

I sat there holding my glass of drink swirling it round and wondering about this. I knew there was something in those words, anything that sparks your thought process is a message to you to take note. So I sat there taking note.

After a short while, an understanding began to formulate, I could see it. You see many of us are led to believe that if we create deep inner healing and love then we will have to be nice all the time and be perfect somehow.

Or have to give up something that we are attached to. The truth is that yes you might have to let go of some of the thoughts you had, beliefs and even situations that are familiar to you. Yet, surely to heal within it’s worth it?

When we are accessing more ways to heal and create inner love we need to protect our inner core. Protecting the self creates boundaries, which means that you will not be able to be nice all the time. We all view behaviour differently and when you are caring for yourself and know that you do not feel like doing a 100 mile drive to pick up your nephew (for example,) however your brother may think that you are being mean. How our behaviour is seen by others isn’t always a red flag that we’re bad, it just means that the other person looks at it in a different way. You may always have said yes before.