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Hi Guardian Angel...

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I know lots of people baulk at the idea that they have a spiritual helper that is with them from birth. The reasons for this are wide and varied and yes some of them make sense.

Questions such as if I had a Guardian Angel, why is my life so tough?

Why can't I see my Guardian Angel?

If I had an angel it would stop all awful things happening to me!!!

The list goes on and on and I get it, really I do. Now some of you are probably doubting me here. How is it that a gal like me, that does what I do, gets it? Well, the truth is that I get it because I too dis-connected from my angel for many years. Puberty does not favour being guided by another force I can tell you, also I was a cynic.

The thing for me is it's pretty impossible to deny what you can see right in front of your face. Yes, many psychoanalyst could say this is a product of my imagination - however we've not researched imagination enough in the human realm - there may be more to this thing that we label as fictional. Also even if my angel is fictional to some, I still love angels and that's that.

The other toppling argument here is that religion has pretty much sewn up that believing in something that we cannot see is okay. Therefore I am going with that. I guess if you don't subscribe to religion or believe, then you might be precluded here and I respect that, we're here to live our lives how we want and experience our lives in ways that are beneficial to our own development.

Guardian Angels

Everyone has at least one guardian angel, we also have spirit animal guides. This taps in to the shamanic pathway and there are reasons that each one of us has these guides. Think of them as protectors if you will, they actually do lessen the load that we have through life. I know that it seems hard to believe, yet they assure me that they are with us to guide and assist us. Angels cannot and will not make decisions for us, although they can assist if we are in trouble that is not ordained as part of our soul journey.

Each person is here with a specific coding within them of experiences, lessons, situations that they will experience. An angel guide keeps us on this pathway - to help us to navigate the lessons that are part of our growth, they guide us. The reason that we often struggle is because we are in resistance to our own plan, our map if you will.

If you were sick at birth, in and out of hospital, subject to abuse, toxicity, aggression, unsound situations then you may have more than one angel. It is less common to have more than one however it definitely happens. Also remember humans deal in a linear framework and measures, the angels do not.

Throughout my life I have been pretty lucky in that they have just shown up for me. When I was in my teens I drew a picture of my angel, not realising that this was what I was doing. Even if you cannot see your angel, it is there. Guiding you and assisting you.

When I assist others to connect to their angel one of the most common questions that I get is how can I keep the connection? The answer is simple you're always connected, yet sometimes the connection is muffled or faint. This happens because our external environment, lifestyle, pressures, past times etc may be getting in the way.

The angels have told me that communication with them is based on a pure channel in most respects and when we are not a match to this we cannot receive them. It's literally like you have hung up the phone on your caller. Remember connection is always there though, this is the most important part to understand. The angels are very quiet when they speak to us, an inner voice that is barely there for some of us, although for others they might be louder. Each angel has it's own individual energy which makes it discernible.

The other factor is that our lives have become so pragmatic, we have over ruled the creative side in some ways with the analytical mind. The problem with left brained thinking and doing is that it can dis-connect us from this rich source of information that is available to us. Our structures and methodologies are sometimes a little imbalanced. That is to say, that they are either falling too heavily on the masculine or feminine energy and we need both to create balance. Theoretically I think most of us use both sides of our brain, however maybe personality, views, feelings, beliefs make us lean towards a particular way of working and thinking. We are complex systems and a little of everything makes up the sum of our whole parts. Think of your right brain as the visual creative mastermind. We require it to access the intuitive side of ourselves where our angel connects.

Once you become attuned to this, you will be able to communicate with your angel in a better way... You can connect to your angel through processes and ritual - there are many resources, meditations that are offered. You can do these on your own. Or if you want a guided session there are one to one's available too.

If you're super interested & really want to connect

I can help with this, I offer one to one (with me) Guardian Angel connection sessions, please note these follow an angel healing session or reading and with permission from your soul. You can book an angel healing or angel reading here. There's still a few days left to get a 25% discount, use the code LOVEIT2021 at the checkout.

How angels make themselves known to you

Angels have found many ways to show us that they are with us. They will send us signs and symbols often to say hi and to let us know that they are there to answer our questions. They will even send us warnings when/if we are in danger.

These are some of the signs they use...

Feathers - some say these are blessings.

Pennies - some believe these are concern - or a sign that there will be some financial gain coming our way - remember it can be the reverse too, so watch your finances.

Signs with words on them, bumper stickers, road signs, images





You can even ask for a specific sign, however do pay attention as it may not be sent to you in a way that you are expecting.

Pay attention to the signs and symbols all around you...

To increase your connection

Yes these will be the good 'ole chestnuts we're all familiar with. Yes, I know and lots of people have said to me, 'it always seems to be meditation' ... There is a reason for this. There are also alternative to this. I get it, honestly I really do, most of us do not have two hours a day that we can dedicate to what most people think amounts to sitting around!!! It isn't really sitting around, however I do understand. I have even thought it at some points myself. Just remember though that even ten minutes of meditation can help.

The practices that will help you connect:

Meditation (it has to be here!!) - it helps us silence the mind and focus our attention.

My grounding article might help here too, as there are practices featured.

Yoga - I offer private yoga one to one sessions that are a spiritual journey, if you're interested (an hour a month is £40, if you prefer to work quarterly with me the cost is £55) - These are very integrative practices where you learn to live a yogic lifestyle. Also you get support and have an individual programme created for you. If you subscribe - these prices are discounted.

Chi Gong

Gardening - yes this brings you into nature, so it really helps

Getting out in nature


Slowing our life down. - less stress, less chaos, more calm.

Tai Chi

Painting, artwork, creativity.

Exploration - visiting new spacesof peace and tranquility

Taking time for yourself in which you pause and reflect.

There are so many practices that you can engage in, find the practice that works for you. That being said also feel free to change practices and upgrade your toolbox. If a practice that helps you connect to starts to wane or feel tiring, then it is time to let it go...

The Angel we have guides loves and protects us whether we realise it or not, take time and create a life in which you can work with yours. Even acknowledging an angel is enough, take pause, say thank you. Always busy working behind the scenes for you the beautiful energy uplifts your life, so long as you allow it.


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