Self Love Is ...

Self Love & Self Care System - Love is

So what's all this self love really about?

Recently it seems as if many people are on the self love bandwagon... I have been writing and extolling the virtues of it for the past two years.

I say virtue, because once you start on the path of SL (which I am going to abbreviate self love to throughout this article) everything starts to change.

The truth is that very few of us have been raised with a core understanding of what love is, never mind self love and believe me these two types of love are inter-related. To really know true love, love in all it's entirety, one benefits from learning about SL.

I always say with anything new, start small, one step at a time. Each step is a stepping stone to creating deeper understanding of our own self. To really start SL, an individual needs to create a foundation to work from.

This foundation is self care. I did not call my system self love and self care system by accident. I was very aware that without true self care there will never be SL. SL is the pinnacle that a person reaches once they have worked on issues held within, that stop them from giving into Love.