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Self Love & Self Care System - Love is

So what's all this self love really about?

Recently it seems as if many people are on the self love bandwagon... I have been writing and extolling the virtues of it for the past two years.

I say virtue, because once you start on the path of SL (which I am going to abbreviate self love to throughout this article) everything starts to change.

The truth is that very few of us have been raised with a core understanding of what love is, never mind self love and believe me these two types of love are inter-related. To really know true love, love in all it's entirety, one benefits from learning about SL.

I always say with anything new, start small, one step at a time. Each step is a stepping stone to creating deeper understanding of our own self. To really start SL, an individual needs to create a foundation to work from.

This foundation is self care. I did not call my system self love and self care system by accident. I was very aware that without true self care there will never be SL. SL is the pinnacle that a person reaches once they have worked on issues held within, that stop them from giving into Love.

The major development when SL is enacted, opens the door to Love beyond illusions. True SL removes the barriers that create pain and upset in a persons life. It takes time, however every step creates results so profound that the steps are truly worth taking.

To give into this Love is to create true and deep worth. A type of worth that puts the whole of the self first.

Start the process

To start the process is to make the space for deep self care. Self care takes in eating well, sleeping well, caring for the body, hydrating, keeping warm, ensuring that shelter is safe, being safe, hearing the body, making time for pausing and reflecting - check my facebook page for further self care

Once a person has moved into the self care arena, the foundation has been created to move into self love...

SL is honouring yourself before others - it is all about looking after yourself in a way that you have never done before and recognising where you feel wounded.

In a nutshell (cliffnotes version) SL is healing the wounded parts of yourself, so that you can live a magificient life that is free of fear...

Start the ball rolling by checking out my facebook page and articles on this site that will help you to move into SL without having to think too much about the how...

I wish you well on your quest and if you need any advice or you want to work with someone feel free to send me an e-mail. I have a wealth of knowledge on the topic and I am happy to share it with you ...

All the Love

Hem xxxXXxx

The Self Love Coach

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