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What is success and how to be successful on your own terms...

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What does success mean to you & how to be successful on your own terms?

The dictionary definition is simple 'success is the achievement of something wanted or hoped for' … Cambridge Dictionary :

This is such a simple, yet difficult question at the same time… Firstly it is to say that success is simple when we know love and care for ourselves. It is so much harder when we are functioning from models of success that do not necessarily support us.

The truth is to create deep love within self each one of us needs to take the time to examine our own inner values, our truth, what we really believe in.

For years I myself spent much of my time thinking that success was defined by the stories and things that other people had told me. However as none of these ideas of success ever really worked for me I had to stop and take stock.

This is where healing and love came into play. To really know what success was I had to stop listening to the world at large and concentrate on the depths of my inner voice. Deep within my core there was a different idea of success.

In fact I realised that success to me does not revolve around money and status, it revolves around love and connection. Deep seated connection that supports me and uplifts me.

The reality for me is that there is no real success in my life, or there will not be until I find a way to exist within a framework of what I see as success. As opposed to fighting to live in a way that feels alien to me.

My message here is if we are looking to be a success on other people’s terms, then real deep love and care will be elusive to us.

For each one of us success comes when we recognise that it is intrinsically wrapped up in our own value system. Of course we can follow what other people believe success is, yet when we do this there will be a deep seated unhappiness within us and core breaks in our contentment. If we are wanting and hoping for things that we’ve been told will make us successful in life, then we may be falling short in terms of inner values and desires.

It is for each one of us to take time everyday to tap into what success means for us in everything that we do. To question our ideas of success too and analyse whether they really originated with us or from somewhere else. When we are able to distinguish our values from the values that have been passed down through ancestors, culture etc, we will be more able to function on our own terms. Success is applied to all areas of our life and when we function from our own inner value system, from love. We will reach a peak of contentment that many often find difficult to grasp.

It is also okay to know that as we grow and age what we see as success will change with us.

Create deep acceptance around your own value system and your own inner beliefs with regard to success. This is a deep enactment of self love within yourself… It will also help you to reach for experiences that may have seemed out of reach. It will re-wire you and help you to engage in a life that fulfills your inner calling.

All the love xxxxXx

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