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New Moon in Cancer| Watery depth of inner discovery

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We have our new moon in Cancer on the 5th of July 2024

Tagline ~ Let the Cancer New Moon allow you to prepare for change.

Our New Moon in Cancer is at 6.57pm Eastern time, 3.57 Pacific and 11.57pm uk time on the 5th of July 2024. Think home and family when we are in this. The moon occurs at 14 degrees and 23 minutes of Cancer.

Ruled by the moon this new moon in cancer asks us to look into all things family and home. You are called here to go inwards, back to the spaces that make you feel safe and secure and as if you are at home. This is about knowing yourself and what you need. How can you receive in a way that is good for you.

In some ways this moon highlights the way that you are living too. So is there anything that you want to change in your home life?

You're being called to strengthen your inner foundations, start something new from a space of safety that may well reap results by the new year.

This new moon, the last full moon and the next full moon are highlighted here, as they present opportunity to bring in a change that will create a better space in your life.

This bright cardinal sign wants you to feel deep into your heart, what neefs to change. There is something somewhat moody about this sign, which means that you may be feeling emotionally agitated. Do watch your feelings as we ride its crest.

There is something about past life featured here, or links to ancestral healing and wounds. What can you learn from the place that you came from and how can you incorporate it into the life that you are living now?

Cancer calls you to think about who and what makes you feel appreciated and secure in your life. This sign ruled by the moon is seen as maternal in nature, tune into your feminine self and female relationships. It cannot be said enough that during Cancer new moon you are being asked to slow down and to step deeply into self care. Can you make time to take stock of the relationships in your life ~ where are there relationships that are making you feeling lacklustre? The time has come to remove them from your life.

Think needs, boundaries, having your wants and desires met so that you do not have resentment. This is highlighted with Venus in Cancer at 22 degrees, she is trine Saturn which is a gentler energy that opens you to knowing what you want. In Pisces Rx they are bringing in the energy of trust and knowing that water will flow and go where it needs to go. The trine in Saturn asks you to take responsibilty in your relationships. Realising that resolution is better than conflict.

This moon comes just after the election in the uk and for the states a calming of the energy after the July 4th celebrations. For the uk maybe there will be a feeling of privacy and being able to say we are home. I can't promise anything here, however let's see how it goes.

Cancer moon wants you to understand the way that you are thinking and using your energy in a whole perspective.

Mercury in leo opposing pluto shows us where we were/are playing too small. We are asked to think more on this and to be open to seeing an opportunity in a seeeming limitation. As Mercury moves forward there will be assistance to make better choices.

The future could bring more fun and a sense of joy that you have been looking for, for years.

There is something of the fate card playing our here, as in you are being pulled into a new life and asked to build a new future. Be wise with your decisions because what you decide now could have an impact on your life for some time to come.

Tarot ~ The Midnight Magic ~ Tarot Deck of Mushrooms

New Moon in Cancer Tarot - Ace of cups - a new beginning is highlighted with regard to your relationships and how you appraoch them. Magic is offered and there is opportunity.

Seven of Swords - there was conflict, something that needs to be healed. Maybe someone wants to keep you back in a life that no longer serves you.

The sun and moon energies are connecting to mars and Uranus in Taurus, Mars could help you to be calmer than usual, yet with the conjunction with Uranus in Taurus there is a shock factor, what is coming in on the horizon and brings the news that will throw the cat amongst the pigeons. There is something of a surprise in this. Think change and know that the Piscean energies will support this.

With the Cancer energy our emotionality will ricochet out and it will be felt by all of us. Changes are calling for trust. Think of this as life just playing out. You're being asked to surrender.

Looking after yourself through this Cancer New Moon is very important. It will help you to learn and understand the messengers that you are receiving. What from the past is calling you to heal the issues that Cancer likes to hold onto. You're called to clear up so that you an step out.

This New Moon will help you when the Capricorn full moon rears her head. You are ready to move forward, allow your inner wisdom to give you the answers that will assist you as you as you do.

This moon may affect people with personal planets and points at approximately 10 to 18 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) most significantly. It may also affect you if you have sun, moon or ascendant in Cancer regardless of the placements.

New Moon Prayer (today we have a new moon prayer rather than intention)

I ask with love to be assisted as I dive deep during this Cancer New Moon and awaken my light.

I pray that I am able to see my own inner landscape with ease and heal parts that need healing.

I call in the light of the angels to assist me to hear, see and know the truth.

I am ready to embrace change within my inner landscape that is good for me.

I trust that that divine will bring me what I need.

I open my arms to receive and trust that it will be the way that it is meant to be.

I thank thee, I thank thee, I thank thee.

With Love Hem and The Angels xxxxXx


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