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New Moon in Aries | A New Beginning is Here

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New Moon in Aries 21st March 2023 & Equinox Solstice Message

Tagline: Get ready to shine & Meet the New You. This is a re-birthing, you are being called.

Welcome to the New Moon in Aries Report, our NM is in Aries on the 21st March at 17:22pm uk time and 1.22pm Eastern Time it is at 0 degrees & 50 mins.

This moon will affect people born with personal planets and points at approximately 27 to 30 degrees of the Mutable Signs signs and 0 to 5 degrees of the Cardinal Signs most significantly. You can grab your chart and work this out if you’re interested by grabbing a free chart online.

Imagine a space ship hurtling into Earths atmosphere at exorbitant speed! That is what our Aries New Moon is doing. This dark moon that is taking us from darkness into light has hit 0 point and is asking us to take stock, awaken to new possibilities and to stop allowing unseen paradoxical forces to make decisions for our betterment. Aries is independent cardinal fire sign ~ it doesn’t need managing!!

Just before the New Moon we hit the solstice signpost directing us to the new start, we’re being called to create a new generation, tap into what needs to be healed to step anew into a new beginning that calls all of us to alms. Freedom from outmoded ideas is highlighted here, a call to stop being pushed around and to face the brightness and the potential that we have. This is a journey and we are at the beginning of the call. Pack your bag, take up your map and let the new frequency enlighten you.

Following our Equinox swiftly and super precisely is our new moon in Aries. Gotta love the Aries new moon it is definitely a kick forward. Ushering in a sign of hope this new moon brings in a new frequency and a call to remember. New beginnings of the highest order are highlighted here. New design, new understanding, new level of frequency. Think a new time activation heralding a new brightness and ethos for the future. This is our astrological new year.

This energy is going to slowly bring a brightness to the new you/person, world, space and humanity. A new beginning as I said in the tagline we’re birthing anew. It is our final 0 degrees new moon that has been working with spiritual truth with the full moons. This NMa asks us to let go, be tenacious, brave and ready to awaken to a new way of thinking beyond our old capabilities of understanding, are you ready?

On top of this we have got 5 energies hosting our beneficent Aries energy sun, moon, mercury, Chiron, Jupiter. Aries is asking us to propel ourselves forward and move with the times rather than playing second fiddle to an audience that isn’t listening.

There is support here with Jupiter the planet of luck being in Aries at 16 degrees this means that you have the information that you need to get on the path that you are meant to be on. Also with Chiron at 14 degrees of Aries & Mercury at 5 degrees there is an opportunity to heal and clear up & transmute the old, move into transformation and get going.

As ever and I know I say it a lot, however I gotta say it again – we have got free will and the choice is yours/ ours the collectives. Will we jump start the new frequency or remain in low level outmoded vibration mind spaces that waste the opportunity and diminish potential for change?

I know that this is scary; this is newness on a large scale. It’s the calling card. We are being willed by strong Aries energy to open ourselves up to the possibilities. I see this as high level collective energy that can create change, raised frequency, love, ultra new beginnings, space and new direction is all available. If you’re change resistant this might prove to be challenging. Yet, the call is there and you are being called to believe in it. If this is resonating with you, I’d love for you to hit like and hit subscribe now. The new you that has the potential to be birthed is someone that even you will not recognise.

Aries can be the Ram that pushed too hard, forcing you to acknowledge parts of yourself that have lain dormant. Taking responsibility, recharging, re-booting and upgrading your system. It’s necessary despite the feeling that you like the old system much better.

New Moon is Square Mars in Gemini at 28 degrees – there is high vibration new beginning highlighted here on the level of how we communicate. We are moving to the end of this lesson as Mars is about to move sign. So in the final degrees of this energy we are being given the potential to heal the irritation that can be presented here. Aries is ruled by Mars which adds a little more momentum here. We have a better understanding of our light and dark and although squares are tricky I like to see them as an opportunity to balance. You do know how to speak your truth now.

This is at 28 degrees and 11 minutes giving us an open doorway to an opportunity that may not e easy to access, it is there all the same. Check out the angel number 111 as your signpost here. Independence on the level of truth the voice and who you are going to be is super strong here, you are the master of your voice, thoughts and ship. Mars here will be affecting the planets holding Aries right now.

Take a deep breath, open your mind, trust yourself and allow the urge for change to super charge you and super earth you. This is not the time for mentalities that hold you back. However you want to play it a new start is coming with or without our consent.

Pluto is at 29 degress and 59 minutes about to go into Aquarius a couple of days after this NM. New timelines, opportunities and activations are being highlighted here. Those of you on the spiritual gateway superhighway may have noticed, learned or discovered something new recently, or over the last few days. If that is you take heed, this information is really important for you going forward. Pluto is the planet of generational shifts and shift is coming in ways that may surprise you.

Many of you may have been thinking of lost loved ones – they are chiming in right now to help you to clean up old stories that are anchoring lineages.

Note the full move of Aquarius into Pluto does not happen until the end of 2024, this taste, this flavour will awaken inner knowledge in the collective. Grab it and use it for betterment. For those of you that want to tune into the new frequencies and know what is going on come and join my Awakening Angel Consciousness group on fb (AAC ) This will be a fab place for you if you’re on this trajectory, as we’re going to be healing trauma line, generational patterning etc.

Before I go on I want to say a few words about Cappy in Pluto where it currently is sextile the new moon. Some of you may have been stuck because of the energy frequency that was being broadcasted with cappy in pluto. This new levelling and opening is going to create new opportunity and wild new experiences. The staid sedate energy of Saturn ruled Capricorn is being slowly filtered out and replaced with go getter energy. Right here, right now with Cappy in Pluto at 29 degrees the angels are calling you, are you ready to rise. How do I practically create from this space is tinged with the Aquarius support folks, you can do this.

When we move into Pluto Aquarius the pairing steps us into AI technology, computerisation. Then we have Saturn pisces steeping us in spirituality truth and opening an elevating gateway for balance. In and of itself the technology can be bombastic, it needs the levelling of spirituality to be used with love, not control or coercion. Be part of the light.

Remember the new Aquarius energy in Pluto will be calling for community, working together, betterment, connection, uplifting, supporting. This will tap into your inner compass too ~ so know your inner soul before jumping into the collective vision. Your support needs to come from a balanced position.

The Sun and Moon are Square Neptune which is at 25 degrees pisces – we’re being called to spiritual truths along with creativity and understanding the mind stuff. There is a blending here and I think that this will help you to journey inwards to awaken information that you are holding on a cellular level. With the fire and water here I want to warn of the water putting out the flame, or the flame drying out the water ~ therefore watch what your inner wisdom is saying and questions whether it is fact or fiction.

With the New Moon conjunct Uranus our planet of change and sudden shifts there’s an unpredictability be ready for surprises as the crumbling happens in favour of something new and light filled the angels say. The angels have also said that major players are being moved into position, are you one of them, are you part of the new design?

Things to Note: Shield yourself and your energy being during this new moon. Have a detox less radio, less news, less tv, less newspapers. Anything that forces thought forms on you, will not work for you under the Aries gaze. Connect to Gaia, create ritual that supports you and open yourself to a higher frequency of love – watch your own emotional barometer.

There’s support with Venus the ruler of Taurus in the NN. Taurus is to do with your life, home, money, beauty, relationship, sensory cosiness etc. What do you want to manifest is highlighted here as a new start.Taurus at 16 degrees Uranus is also highlighting that you have the inner knowledge that can assist you to change your circumstances.

Aries energy wants movement. It has the propensity to move fast. You are being asked to pause if you get frightened, breath, centre and start again. Let this new beginning awaken you to a new colour, vibration and frequency. It is available to us all, connect and use it to your advantage. You are being supported by higher beings. If you are struggling come and join my AAC group on facebook to help you awaken your consciousness and have a support group that can and will bring you the information that you need.

I would love to connect with you while we all tap into the new strand of our evolution.

I have been asked by the angels to bring through New Moon Callings Rather than intentions this month:

New Moon Callings ~ Read Spiritual Books that will uplift you, go on a journey somewhere, or research a new journey, note who you are mixing with, watch a movie/film that is calling to you, collect information, research your ancestry, begin a journey.

Infinite Love to You all, Namaste…


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