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New Moon in Aquarius| Find your Emotional Freedom

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We have our new moon supermoon in Aquarius on the 9th of February 2024

Tagline: Follow the road that will take you to a new beginning.

Our New Moon is at 20 degrees and 41 minutes of Aquarius. It's at 2.58 am pacific, 5.58 Eastern & 10.58pm uk time ~ When we have a moon in Aquarius the collaborative and connective vibe of team work and working together is highlighted. We're being called to work together for better solutions and outcomes. This Moon heralds new beginnings on a collective arena.

If you spent time away from people for a while so that you can recalibrate this new moon says well done, it is now time to get back in the fray and to move out of living on the sidelines. Your being called to progress, make changes and up level.

A day later on the 10th we have the chinese new year welcoming in the year of the dragon, which makes this even more powerful. It also is a new moon imbibed by the energy of the dragon.

This new moon symbolises the awakaner hot on the heels of the leo full moon.

Aquarius asks us to stop being selfish, it asks us to join together and work together to create a world that we can all exist in and love in. This is about peace and asks us to remove the war that we are waging against one another. This is the bigger picture and aquarius wants to get where it wants to go and the energy with aquarius is always about having strength and sharing with others. There is a lot of dynamism in this new moon and it offers you the chance to change your life in big ways. Remember that aquarius is ruled by uranus and saturn and the old saturnian energy points out the time that we have and how we can use it.

In this chart we have 4 planets in aquarius sun, moon, mercury and pluto, bringing in strong Aquarius energy.

With Uranus in Taurus at 19 degrees in a tight square with the sun and moon issues around what is true in your life and on a global scale are coming up. Uranus the great disruptor could bring in disruption if you let it. Essentially it is highlighting that it will not put up with the things that need to go. What can you fly away from, what needs to shift in your life? What have you taken on that was overwhelming, overbearing or lacking boundaries ~ as in what will you have no more of! Even in its collectivism aquarius in this square might want to go it alone. Yet, the polarity in a square reminds us that we need to have balance. You're being called to leadership and responsibilty ~ you will be challenged and this will present an opportunity. Freedom energy is being propagated.

This may present itself as a boundary issue in your life, others telling you what to do and how to do it. While Aquarius wants you to be working independantly and contributing to the collective. Uranus is a volatile planet, so do watch out for its spikes ~ also it won't be moving out of Taurus for a few more years, which means that this energy has the capability of contributing to the unease you're feeling. Note that Uranus in Taurus might be able to assist you to complete the things that you have started.

You can embrace possibilities ...

It's no secret that we have been living in an environment that needs to be remodelled and shifted. Saturn in pisces is asking us to be spiritually responsible and strong. When I look at this, I get the message that we are being called to shift our thoughts, bring them in line with higher vibration and more love. Aquarius will want everyone to have their rights, it asks us to move together. Now to really bring in a good energy here under the energy of this aspect we need to be in love energy as a collective so that the changes that we make are of light. This links into consciousness which is being highlighted by Saturn.

Tarot ~ Midnight Magic: A Tarot Deck of Mushrooms ~ by Sara Richard

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Pluto in Aquarius in its first degrees of its long journey will reinforce through destruction what you need and where you need to go. You are literally being asked to integrate the new you into the person you once were. Put it this way there is something beginning in your life that you are healing that you will revisit later on in the year. You are being forced to grow, to face what will stay and what will go. Do it your way ~ in some senses this is a mini version and feeling of what pluto in aq can be like. Think under world and what needs to die to be reborn. Note: Aquarius is beginning its freedom movement, it's youthful energy so different to when pluto was in Capricorn. Think energy and verve heralding a new world.

This NM is sextile chiron, which is conjunct the NN ~ linked in with pluto in aquarius this is your healing and finding the path that is new and will take you where you need to go. Note that Chiron proximity to the north node highlights awakening to what we need to heal on the societal and individual level. You are ready to move where you are meant to go on the level of your own astrology ~ where does your NN want you to go. If you don't know what I am talking about drop a comment of what your nn is in my youtube comments. Chiron is always the key to healing ~ it holds the secret of what you need to deal with to change from who you are, to who you are going to be. What door does this open, where are you being taken? How can it assist you?

The angels have been telling me that we are heading towards a new shift and this is a year in which we begin the journey ~ they have highlighted that the whole source system for humanity needs to go back to the drawing board as the energy and vibration that is aspected will collapse if we fail to rethink.

Mercury square connection to jupiter is bringing in expansive thinking. This square asks you to be spiritual about your material world, Mercury is strong in aquarius and jupiter will magnify whatever is coming up. This is concerning areas such as your life, where will you live, who will you be with?

With Jupiter sextile saturn which links in to the spiritual with pisces at the helm. This means dropping some old values and systems. This sextile will present you with the building blocks you need.

Venus & mars in cappy will later be in aq, right now is showing us celebration on the level of venus which is trine uranus, which is asking you to be independant. I can see this will bring you the knowledge that you need and you will feel guided by a father style figure that will help you as you move forward. There's also a divine element with mars in cappy that is saying hey this won't work, but this might, it's on the level of choosing and choosing wisely. Under this NM you will know what to do and when Mars and Venus conjunct pluto after the NM there will be a new energy change and this will change the way that you connect with others.

With Jupiter and Uranus highlighted I am seeing future good changes. On the wings of aquarius you are being called to let go of what you thought was safe and create your own new safe, which is markedly different to anything that we have seen before.

This phase of the Moon occurs at 20 degrees and 41 minutes of Aquarius, affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 16 to 24 degrees of the Fixed signs most significantly. It may also affect you if you have sun, moon or ascendant in Aquarius.

New Moon Intentions/Actions

What have you been wishing for, use this new moon to see what house Aquarius falls in your astrology chart and note down what you would like to bring in during this new moon phase.

With Love Hem and The Angels xxxxXx


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