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Full Moon in Capricorn & Solstice ~ Tune into your inner emotional landscape

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Capricorn Full Moon & Solstice 21st June

Our Tagline for this Full Moon: Let the Moon in Capricorn illuminate your inner emotional landscape, so that you can be healthy and whole.

We have our full moon in Capricorn on the 21st or 22nd of June at 9.08pm Eastern Time and 6.08am Pacific and at 2.08am on the 22nd June in the uk time, it is at 1 degrees and 07 minutes.

The full moon in Capricorn is opposing the sun in Cancer at the same degree point. This is the axis of safety and security with maturation.

Are you ready to take responsibilty for your life, grow up mature, step out. What has been unclear to you will begin to reveal itself.

This is the first of two full moons in Capricorn, the next one will be in July. They are giving us the opportunity to elevate emotional and spiritual maturation. You are not helpless, you have the power in you to move your life forward, to do the things that you want to do and to elevate your life.


This moon is at 1 degree, we are beginning a new journey starting to understand things in a different way.


We’re called to balance the cancer Capricorn polarity, both of these signs link into our family and the conditioning that we have had since we were children. This links in to our journey and how we create safety and security in our life on all levels.

The Moon
Let this Capricorn Full Moon help you to deal with your Emotinal Landscape

Capricorn is ruled by father time, Saturn, think on how this is linked to the way that you father yourself. Each one of us has an inner mother (cancer) and inner father energy. Look inwards bring your attention to the adult aspect within you. This links into your confidence, or lack of it and how you go out into the world.

This is a wide arc opportunity, for us to recognise how we are loving ourselves, parenting our own journey and life. This full moon in cappy gives us ample opportunity to understand how we are good at this, what needs an upgrade and how we can do this.

Also Capricorn and Cancer are linked to the conditioning that we may have allowed to create limitation and detachment from truth and our personal essence. To create a healthy essence, this moon calls us to break down old tired ways of coping and bring in new behaviours that elevate our growth.

The Moon and Sun are both square Neptune during this full moon which is at 29 degrees of pisces. Linked in to the call of spiritual mastership we are being asked to wait as the door closes on many areas in your life that may have been distressing you. This is a time to think shift, possibly in direction, in space, or life experience. There is confusion to this, so I’d wait it out remembering that this opportunity is coming round again.

This moon will illuminate a sensitivity to the world around us too. Let’s not sugar coat this, a square like this one, asks you to check in to your boundaries, what needs your attention.

Yoga pose
Get to know Your Emotional Landscape Celebrate it, love it and nurture it.

Opposing Venus and Mercury this full moon asks us to really go inwards, are we aware of what we want and desire. Meditate on what you really require to live the life that you desire. Venus at 5 degrees in cancer, asks us to be aware of what we are doing on an emotional level.

Mercury as ever stirs up our mind and emotions. We are being called to understand the two sides of the coin, what is rational, what is not. This mercury lets us understand that our feeling are valid. We are allowed to have them and there is nothing that we need to feel ashamed about, with how they come through for us.

This full moon wants us to tune into our own behaviour, how are we being irrational, how are we relating, expressing our feelings and emotions. Do we have any patterns that oull us into enabling or co-dependency. We’re being called to really recognise the way that we are perceiving the world and our world events with rationality and understanding.

This is a good moon to lean into gentle kind self care, you deserve it, you deserve to be loved and understood. It might be an idea to ask yourself how you have been told to work with your emotions, are you allowing yourself to feel and to express tenderness and be vulnerable.

Take this opportunity to learn who you are in an emotional sense, how do you want to express your emotions and be with yourself too. I would say some inner child work would help you here, come and work with me I can assist you with this.

Our Tarot Cards for this moon ~ Original Rider Waite Tarot conceived of by AE White and designed by Pamela Coleman-Smith

Death ~ things need to coe to the end

The Fool ~ make time to create a life that is brand new and embrace your younger energy traits.

Moon Phases

The ultimate note here is responsibility, we are responsible for the way that we receive something and how we respond to an emotional trigger. Can we find a way to understand as opposed to putting the blame outside of ourself. Of course this may mean that we need to be honest open and up front and bring them centre stage and talk about them too.

This phase of the Moon occurs at 1 degrees and 7 minutes of Capricorn, affecting planets at approximately 0 to 5 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) and 27 to 30 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) the most.

Full Moon Release

Let this Capricorn Full Moon be a time when you ~ Get rid of anything that you do not need, as in de-clutter your physical space. Let go of liiiting beliefs related to your ambitions.

Journal your emotions what is coming up for you, how do you feel, how would you like to feel. What are the emotions that are coming up showing you?

With Love Hem and the Angels xxxxXX


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