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Full Moon In Capricorn ~ 3rd July 2023

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Full Moon in Capricorn 3rd of July 2023

Tagline: Celebrate your successes for the first half of the year.

This full moon in Capricorn is a great fm for realising how far you have come and setting you up for what you can get in the future

Our Capricorn Full moon will be at on the 3rd of July at 7.38am eastern 4.38am Pacific and 12.38pm uk time 11 degrees and 18 minutes.

Full Moons are our chance to release behaviours, things, people, values etc that no longer serve us. A full moon will illuminate what is going on. With full moon Capricorn and Sun Cancer we are balancing out – homelife, private life, base security Cancer with public life and career cappy. Cancer connects into love while Cappy connects to achievements.

Capricorn is all about building, it plans, it takes its time move methodically, it asks us to build something for the long term. It is a deeply responsible sign.

Cancer may be happy to be dependant, yet Capricorn asks us to be our independent self. If you have your south node cancer and then your north node Capricorn, you are literally learning to be your independent self. Of course as ever I am going to talk about balance here we need to balance out our need for comfort and security and that sense of coming home with being independent and getting out there in the world.

There will be something emotional about the revelations during this cappy Fm, think cancer watery sensitivity showing you where you have held back and not stepped into your independence. Or the stare of Capricorns ruler Saturn pointing at you and demanding you to admit you are working too much. It’s highlighting an spiritual independence with an opposition from mercury the moon is struggling to find it’s words and you may do if you’re not careful, it’s asking you how you feel in the big scheme of things.

We’re being called to review our year, what do we want to have complete by the end of the year? Is there anything that we have done that already requires celebration? Jupiter at 9 degrees Taurus is trine the full moon and this is bringing in support on the level of a new beginning your being supported in the future direction, there is no time like now.

With Jupiter sextile Saturn Rx in Pisces (the ruler or Capricorn) and Saturn trine mercury, there’s a gentle looking back and understanding this on the mind level. In some ways this will assist you to remove the deadwood from your pathway before you move ahead, what hasn’t worked and isn’t working. This is asking you to take your time to build a solid foundation and create an understanding around your opportunities. It’s asking you to learn in some ways and store this learning that you gain from your inner spiritual truth for future use.

Saturn in pisces may also look at the things that are not in harmony and make the room for you to make sense of them and release them.

The Neptune Pluto Sextile is supportive, it will help you to go over what needs to be understood. There’s a deep connection to a new start – ending one level of thought and moving into higher consciousness thinking patterns. There is a level of reinvention being posed on the level of your spiritual self. This chart totally nods its head at clearing out so that you can move forward, it’s also quite a gentle chart which means you will not be pushed too hard, lest you are resistant.

Uranus is at 21 degrees squaring Venus and Mars – You’re literally being called to your creative element I am seeing this beauty reflected in your home, your relationship, you’re being asked to create a balance colourful life. Venus asks what you want to build for your relationship in a public sense and what do you want to release, while Mars will lead the spiritual level of this. There is a sense of something dying out or coming to an end ~ is this a behaviour, way of acting, as in does this not feel good to me.

This FM will affect the planets that are at approximately 7 to 15-18 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) the most.

In totality this moon hightlights that we are building something for the future, you need to and can be happy with yourself, celebrate the journey that you have taken thus far. You are not done, yet the light at the end of the tunnel is shining and now you can see it. You’re being asked to balance your inner thoughts and outer thoughts. Make decisions and change what is not working.

Release Questions: Ask yourself on the level of your life what needs to go and on the level of relationship who needs to go & what situations and experiences are you done with.

With Love Hem


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