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Full Moon in Cancer ~ Time to heal and move forward

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Full Moon in Cancer 26th/27th November 2023

Our Tagline for this full Moon: It's time to forgive and heal so that you can go where you're called.

We have our last full moon of the year is on the 26th and 27th of December at 4 degrees and 58 minutes which means it’s nearly 5 degrees. It’s at 4.32pm pacific time, 7.32pm Eastern time and on the 27th of December at 12.32am uk time.

Cancer full moon is opposing Capricorn sun. We are in the polarity of your private and public life, Cancer is all about the home, nurturance and your private life, while Capricorn concerns itself with your public life and career.

Are you ready to balance your need to stay close to the fray with your need to branch out in terms of your career and public persona. The Cancer/Capricorn polarity could be seen as the conditional and unconditional love barometer. You are literally called with love to balance your public and private life. The message being without both aspects in play the polarity will suffer. In this chart cancer links in to how safe you feel with your family, what do you need to forgive and Capricorn is highlighting where you need to go.

The Cancer full moon is strongly showing you through deep illumination that without balance work will encroach on your home life, or that your home life will encroach on your work life. This moon asks you to go into your shell and grab the information you need that will show you how the balance needs to look.

Cancer is all about emotion, this water sign ruled by the moon is emotional and sensitive. Linking into feelings about family and home, it calls us to understand what is comfortable and stable for us. This is an intuitive sign that leans into the nurture element. If you're wise you will be able to use this moon to balance your sensitivity and empathy, so that you can create a secure home foundation.

Remember as a full moon, this moon is about release. You are being called to release all outcmoded thoughts, ideas and behaviours on the cancer/capricorn polarity. Cast your mind back what themes and situations were you dealing with in June 2022? You are being called to resolve these areas as we leave 2023 and move into 2024. Clear out the emotional part of cancer and move to where you are called.

Our full moon in Cancer is sextile Jupiter in Taurus at 5 degrees and 37 mins Rx and trine Saturn in Pisces. With emotions high, there may be tears as well as laughter, the angels are saying to me to tell you that this is a good time to release anything that isn't positive in your life.

If you're committed to healing the aspects that have brought you troubles, Saturn will assist you here in a lovely way, think intuitive wise due to it's placement in Pisces, it will be able to help you see things in a different way. With the new knowledge these things can become a things of the past.

Saturn is also sextile the sun in Capricorn which brings in a stable energy. Think clearing and cleansing your karma. Saturn will bring strength to the full moon. This could be a day when you realise something that has been haunting you. In essence with Saturn in the mix, you could be understanding something on the energy of the father figure. I would say that the Cancer FM is helping you to heal your childhood issues.

You're being called to heal on the level of your wounding because Cancer is so linked to emotions. With reference to the inner child and healing ~ I am being called to say, it might be time to let go of the cobwebs that may have accumulated from your childhood,, from your past. I am seeing this in the energy of a male, so my example would be that I gave my bf a hard time for years about a particular thing that happened in the past, Yet with this energy we're being called to recognise that maybe family, lovers. friends that wounded us were doing the best that they could. It's time ~ linking into the Saturn link to father time to let it all go.

I am being called by the angels to say that if something was not provided to you, maybe your emotional needs were not met, you're being called to rely on yourself ~ jupiter in Taurus supports this.

Chiron is also about to station direct in this FM and this enhances your ability to clean and clear the wounds that are locked in your astrology chart. Not sure what this is, hit me up with an email for a mini chiron report to help you understand your wounding.

There is balance highlighted here ~ in the sense of you are not responsible for others, you are only responsible for yourself.

Jupiter is also trining the sun and this will help you to step into the magic, so long as you have been into the jewel of the heart and understood what it is you want. This links in with the full moon in cancer to the inner child. If you want to get into some inner child work before we go into 2024 come and join my awakening angel consciousness facebook group and grab the free inner child/ inner you process.

Jupiter is highlighting something that you have been waiting for. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and dreams, it can help you to trust where you are going. Cancer also wants you to trust and know your own emotions. I want to say that this Jupiter energy could help you to see things that have been hidden to you in the past.

Moon Phases

Our Cards - Rider Waite Tarot ~ Page of Wands, 2 of Cups.

You need to talk to people, however it is not the time to do it yet. Wait a little while so that you can bring two things together.

Mercury is conjunct Mars ~ let's not sugar coat this, it could raise your heckles and bring on your temper. With this in place check your plans and neptune might throw a spanner in the works and Mercury is square Neptune so there may be dfficulties when you are attempting to connect to people.

In this chart your intuition is highlighed, there is the energy of transformation being offered. Then there is Venus working with Pluto and Neptune something is shifting on the level of love. I am seeing that you can strenghthen your solar plexus here, have better boundaries.

This supportive energy will be holding you as you go into the new year and it will help you to work through the things that need to be healed. Let yourself cleanse and clear what needs to go, so that you can feel lighter in the New Year.

This moon might affect people with personal planets and points at approximately 0 to 10 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) most significantly. You may also be affected if you have sun, moon or ascendant in Cancer or Capricorn.

Full Moon Release

Give yourself the permission to release something that has been haunting you on the level of your childhood, forgive what you need to forgive, for your own sanity and peace of mind.

Love Hem xxxxXx


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