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Why you're on an Epic Adventure!

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We watch films and read epic novels that are full of battle scenes and high drama: Slaying of dragons, defeating Snow the oppressor in Hunger Games, finding out the truth in the Divergent series and battling assassins, or being a spy…

Yet life is not like that, real battles are moving house, splitting up with your ex, getting a divorce and right now the Covid-19 virus – (although I will admit that this is just like a movie – however this is not technically the norm, we are in a time of great change.)

In usual circumstances you are not physically slaying a dragon, however you are metaphorically defeating your darkness, you are defeating the parts of you that may be stopping you from learning something new or changing the way you think and behave.

Let’s think about the Virus… what are you learning about you? This is a huge deep, self love opportunity. It is a space where we can heal in a faster way. To my mind this time in history is asking each one of us to tap into love. Whether we do this as a collective or not remains to be seen. However mass illness is a message to the world to slow down, to look inwards, and to see where we are not working.

Of course we could just ignore it, after all how many of us have gone into work unwell and spread our illness to everyone else How many of us have not stopped when our body is telling us that we should? Or pulled an all nighter, not slept and burned the candle at both ends? I guess it would be fair to say that we have all probably done this at some point.

Yet, the truth is that eventually your mind will take you to a place where you have to stop, where you have to recuperate, to change, or behave in a different way. We do not have good lives through powering through and control. We actually have good lives by honouring our body and allowing rest when it is necessary.

What is the stop saying to us?

It is asking us to pause, reflect and really look at the way that we are living as a human family. There is no way that we can change without first going through darkness of the change, which means that yes, there might be pain, difficulty or problems, however we can get through this.

How can we tap into this right now?

To tap into alignment with love each one of us needs to be self directed – this is imperative to upgrade. It means if you are sick, stop, everything. Pass down what you are doing to someone else and allow yourself to hear what is swirling around you. You are being asked to take the time to hear, we so seldom listen in our lives, because we are too busy being busy.

If I were to really pin it down, I would suggest that possibly the feminine balance system is activating as we are and have been historically in a very patriarchal system. A system that might need a slow gentle re-work. We need to lean into the understanding that in order to get valid solutions we need to start thinking creatively, once the human family upgrades in this way, we will create effective change.

This journey – think the opposite of the Lord of the Rings, is not literal, it’s situational. Situations are our journeys, they are our adventures, our epic novels, which are often committed to paper in non-fiction. Illness, giving up everything for love, surrendering to defeat etc … All these experiences symbolise the movie that you are starring in.

When you engage with the journey and you enact a dramatic situation you are metaphorically slaying dragons. Self Love knows this and it gives you the kudos that you deserve, it understands your trials and recognises when you are a victor.

We do not have to fight large battles, kill strangers, or defeat mythological characters to truly be on a quest. The truth is that being a human being is the quest. It is a way for each one of us to rise up to the best that we are. Our life’s journey is the battleground and sometimes there will be peace, while at other times we will be stretched, fighting an internal war, that seems as if it will never end. In comes the 2020 pandemic and we are thrown off balance, plunged into uncertainty and reeling behind the dangling epicentre of change that is in front of us.

What we may hope for as a larger picture

In this we hope for the best, that systems will see the truth that they will recognise what is working in our world and what is not. That through this change fairer structures and infrastructure will be implemented. It is necessary within the human family that we look at our world and understand that a heavy situation has a message that points at a need for higher thinking.

What we can do individually

Individually we are asked to tap into this collective need for change, for understanding, for a deep knowledge that we are living within a schematic that is straining under a network that is outmoded culturally, historically and institutionally. For each one of us, we can change the way that we think, by dropping prejudices, judgement, manipulation, control, behaviours that are low vibration in consciousness. This message applies to all of us including myself.

Living journeys are different and the quests that we are challenged with are too. Yet, battling illness, getting over a lengthy divorce, surrendering to career issues, losing someone you love, letting go, giving up, giving in. These are all tests that deserve accolades.

I bring them up because we often negate the amazing feats that each one of us experiences within the journey that is life. Our journeys are our internal quests, how do we deal with the trials, tests and tribulations that life besets us.

Natural Stress Responses

Do we scream and shout and say we can’t cope, do we attempt to check out, cry, run away, fall into the fight, flight or freeze response.

Whatever we do, will be our natural response. The truth is that most of us will fall into the fight, flight and freeze response, which is a knee jerk reaction. The key is to recognise when a response clears its head. When we recognise that we are pushed into these responses, we are able to deal with our knee jerk action.

Once we know how we react when we are distressed, it is time to find tools to help us to deal with whatever comes up within our body/mind consciousness. Why? Because if we do not, when a similar situation occurs we will go to the same place to find a way to cope. In short flawed coping mechanisms need to be replaced by a new way of thinking and being when we are stressed.

Flawed mechanisms can create poor behaviour; after all it is reacting to stress. Stress = fear, anger, anxiety, feeling stuck etc which is usually felt in some way during one of the three f responses.

Find your method to get out of stress and rumination

I have read and heard some terrible methods of moving out of stress responses and I am not going to repeat them here, as they are barely effective. You will know what helps you to de – stress, whatever it is as soon as your stress pain cycle kicks in, turn to your solution. For me I tend to choose exercising, reading, writing. Whatever gets you out of your head and concentrating on something else is the best way to move out of the rumination cycle and into a less stressed response. Ensure that the task needs all of your concentration.

This concentration will pause the rumination/stress cycle and help you to re-tune yourself. Ensure that whatever you are doing is totally engaging and requires deep cognition. This cognitive process, will pull you away from negative thinking.

Remember this is your battle, your story, you are writing it. This means that you can also re-write it, which means all of your normal ways of reacting can be altered. It is also to note that you are brilliant, you have overcome hardship before and you will overcome it again.

We are all able to re-wire our thinking, to get through tests, lessons, life’s challenges with strength of character so that we can allow ourselves to remain in peace. It is possible because you we are the narrators and as the narrator we choose how our story pans out, there is no real reason to let pain, anger, rage, fear floor us.

If it does, take one step towards asking yourself. What is it within me that I need to heal in order not to feel bad about this anymore? This question and this thinking, puts your response in your hands. It does not blame others, and it invites solutions. By inviting solutions into your life and taking responsibility, you can have the best life ever.

All the love

Hem xxxxXXxx

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