Why you're on an Epic Adventure!

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We watch films and read epic novels that are full of battle scenes and high drama: Slaying of dragons, defeating Snow the oppressor in Hunger Games, finding out the truth in the Divergent series and battling assassins, or being a spy…

Yet life is not like that, real battles are moving house, splitting up with your ex, getting a divorce and right now the Covid-19 virus – (although I will admit that this is just like a movie – however this is not technically the norm, we are in a time of great change.)

In usual circumstances you are not physically slaying a dragon, however you are metaphorically defeating your darkness, you are defeating the parts of you that may be stopping you from learning something new or changing the way you think and behave.

Let’s think about the Virus… what are you learning about you? This is a huge deep, self love opportunity. It is a space where we can heal in a faster way. To my mind this time in history is asking each one of us to tap into love. Whether we do this as a collective or not remains to be seen. However mass illness is a message to the world to slow down, to look inwards, and to see where we are not working.

Of course we could just ignore it, after all how many of us have gone into work unwell and spread our illness to everyone else How many of us have not stopped when our body is telling us that we should? Or pulled an all nighter, not slept and burned the candle at both ends? I guess it would be fair to say that we have all probably done this at some point.

Yet, the truth is that eventually your mind will take you to a place where you have to stop, where you have to recuperate, to change, or behave in a different way. We do not have good lives through powering through and control. We actually have good lives by honouring our body and allowing rest when it is necessary.