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March Beckons Release - let go...

March beckons us to release…

self love self care march is release month

“Let go of something old that no longer serves you in order to make room for something new.” ― Roy T. Bennett, the light in the heart

March calls upon us to release, to clear out, to open our doors so that new opportunity can come bounding in. Traditionally March symbolises, the notion of clearing clutter and physical things that we no longer need and to spring clean our homes.

To my mind, March is also a fantastic time to clear our minds, to clear our thoughts and to release the beliefs and ideas that limit us and that stop us from moving forward fearlessly.

It can be hard sometimes to release situations, ideas, thoughts, feelings, people, things that no longer support our current path.

I have held onto thoughts, dreams and ideas that no longer fit my life. I held onto old ideas because somewhere inside me, I felt that by keeping them, there would still be hope, that I could feel the same again. That I could evoke the old me and be her again, of course I know I can’t do this. However, nothing stops me from wondering if I can.

In reality I did not know that I was holding onto outdated thinking; patterns that sat in my mind taking up space. Just like all the clutter that is in my draws, and the things that I hold onto because, they may come in useful someday!!

To release, is to be ready to invite in a new focus.

I guess in all honesty it is all wrapped up in the fear of change. I hold onto areas of my life that are out of date because change makes me unsteady. Of course I know that change will come regardless and that holding on to outdated thinking, is pointless in the end.

March has an energy that welcomes each one of us to clear the decks of everything that we no longer require. It does not really matter what it is, if it does not make you feel good, then it’s time to release the physical object, behaviour or thought.

I know that it can be weird to think of a thought or belief in the same vein as putting something into a charity bag. However, once we get past the weirdness, you can release it in just the same way. Write it down if you need to, rip it to pieces and throw it in the bin. Throwing it in the bin is the action that creates your let go moment : ) …

When we hold onto anything, this is resistance and when we release it, we open the door to the possibility of a new start, of a new beginning.

March is the new beginning, in some ways I see it as the beginning of the year, as Jan and Feb are such miserable months (in the uk).

It is a great time to create something new.

I think that I said that I would attempt to love winter this year; however the truth is I am not a fan of the weather in England and we have had a decidedly long miserable winter.

March is full of promise and welcomes in the chance for re-birth.

This week I have enacted releasing, changing and knowing what I need to do to move forward. I am ready to heal and to clear some of the things that I do not need in my life. I am making choices this March as part of a year long plan. Which was catalysed by my internet going down and my laptop not working.

March brings with it the promise that if we clear out our minds, clear out our cupboards and throw out what we no longer need, then we will be blessed with something new.

So let’s all get our dusters out and clear the physical and mental cobwebs that can stop us from taking steps forward.

I know that there are times when I can be reticent to release; I know that it is easy to lean on resistance. This month I understand that resistance to change is a block that has been stopping me from moving into a more harmonious life. In fact resistance is fear dressed up as another word.

Find your decisive moments, make great choices, maybe tough choices, throw out, and give away things that have passed their sell by date. If it has past its use, get rid of it.

Make space to be stronger, maybe you have always worried what other people think of you, or you have always wanted to please other people and this affects your choices and your bravery. March is a good time to release this behaviour and to stand in your own power.

Whatever it is, if you do not need it find a way to discard it…

We are all master creators and the month of March opens the door for us to create… Step into this ride the wave that has appeared. Five years from now, you may look back at this March and realise that you made some of the best decisions of your life.

All the love to you and happy March

Love Me xxxxxX

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