March Beckons Release - let go...

March beckons us to release…

self love self care march is release month

“Let go of something old that no longer serves you in order to make room for something new.” ― Roy T. Bennett, the light in the heart

March calls upon us to release, to clear out, to open our doors so that new opportunity can come bounding in. Traditionally March symbolises, the notion of clearing clutter and physical things that we no longer need and to spring clean our homes.

To my mind, March is also a fantastic time to clear our minds, to clear our thoughts and to release the beliefs and ideas that limit us and that stop us from moving forward fearlessly.

It can be hard sometimes to release situations, ideas, thoughts, feelings, people, things that no longer support our current path.

I have held onto thoughts, dreams and ideas that no longer fit my life. I held onto old ideas because somewhere inside me, I felt that by keeping them, there would still be hope, that I could feel the same again. That I could evoke the old me and be her again, of course I know I can’t do this. However, nothing stops me from wondering if I can. </