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Re-programme negative beliefs with this 1 simple action - blog quickie

The journey to inner love

Love Series

Did you know that we are the sum of our beliefs? We often think that the reason that things are not going well for us, is because of circumstances. Actually the reality is that it is a belief that stops us from making the changes we need, or living the life that we want.

When we think about beliefs, look at what some people have achieved in their lives and what others have not. The reason that there is this discrepancy is because those who have more tend to have a different set of beliefs than those who have less.

The good news is that we are able to change our beliefs so that we can have the life that we really want as opposed to a life that is just okay.

Changing these beliefs is both simple and not so simple, yes I know, how can it be both? It is both, because it depends on the method that you use and the ability that you have to trust in the process and yourself.

Imagine the things that you really want to do, now deep inside when you imagine these things you feel that you can have them. You dream, you do all that you can do to achieve this dream. Yet nothing happens, there is no change and we all wonder why?

Now I want you to think of that thing again, now listen, is there a little voice inside you saying that you can not have that thing, or that you believe that people who have that thing are x,y,z ( not good things, ) or that if you have that thing you will lose all the people that are dear to you? Can you hear it, it is a whisper, but an insistent one and it will stop you from moving forward.

Now the first step is awareness, once you are aware of these thoughts and you are aware of the beliefs that are holding you back. You will be able to re-wire your thinking.

These beliefs are pretty insidious because we tend to stand on ceremony when they come up. Someone I know has money problems, these money problems are attached to the insistent belief and story that is ‘I do not need money.’ What a damaging thing to be telling your self. It is harmful as it creates lack and keeps one rooted in scarcity. Until this person drops the negative vibration that the belief is anchoring the cycle of clear, then in debt, then clear, then in debt will keep going.

The great teacher Osho says that it is great stupidity that stops us from understanding that we all deserve to be abundant. We attach such significance to these beliefs that they tether us to a life that is direct conflict with our greatest self.

Remember: that sometimes we have these beliefs and we are not even aware of them. If we do not take the time to check in with our own thinking we will continue to live the life of limitation that we are creating for ourselves.

E-mail me if you need any help with this - I can help you to heal and remove these blocks

Changing the belief

Believe that you can, so that you will make it happen...

Whatever life area you are currently working on is where we are going to start. If this life area has 30% next to it; take a look at the beliefs that you have that surround it.

  • To change the thoughts, you first have to become aware of them and then you need to work on talking to yourself with love.

  • So say that your belief keeps saying I can’t have that … Re-write this with .. ‘I deserve the abundance this will give me.’

  • Remember that repetition is key here, it is important to keep challenging your negative and limited beliefs that stop you from living the life that you love.

  • Whatever area you are dealing with your script and your re-write will be personal to you. Just keep going and re-writing little by little. Tiny steps will create great change in your life.

The result

When we re-programme the beliefs that we have been functioning from that are not serving us, we are able to create phenomenal change in our life areas, with ease and in a simple way.

The more you work with the changed script the more you will believe it. This will result in a change regarding what is possible, so that you can create the results that you want.

Also know that this kind of change is deep inner healing, it falls into self love. When you care about yourself and want to create the best for yourself, you will create an abundant life.

Love to you all xxxxXx

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